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Singlespeed in Singleton on Singletrack

My first 4 hour endurance event....didn't stop going on my cramping and really enjoyed it. Great to meet some NobMobbers briefly. Well done everyone!

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3 Ring Circus 2015

Overall a great event so sorry to see it going. Well signposted, organised and beautiful trails. New single track was great. Had a mechanical - broke chain and rear bro in law gave me his bike to finish the event on and limped home on my bike.He had brought a spare bike which he then rode. Incredible sacrifice and a great example of unselfishness! No cramping which was great, no stacking and yes.....serious wind like I haven't experienced before.

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First Capital 2014

Felt really good at the finish....have heaps of work to do on single track skills and would love to practice the Luge a few times. No cramping which was awesome.Weather was absolute pearlour of a day. No mechanicals, no stacks and no regrets.

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3 Rings 2013 result

This was my best 3 Rings ever. The track and weather were sublime and I was feeling great on the day despite 3-4 hours sleep in the tent. Hit the creek crossing really hard and had a blow out on my rear tubeless tyre (IKON) which I was racing on for the first time. Had a relatively quick change to a tube but it cost me as these things do.

All a great day and was most enjoyable.

I was grateful to Rory who helped me fix my puncture - very good samaritanish.

Well done to Gazza on a top ride and to other members of the MOB.

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Fling 2012

Best race to date for this race...started a bit fast for my liking but I think it paid off.....still deciding about that one actually. great conditions and great teamwork with Ror and Lionel

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3 Ring Circus 2012 - Steve

Wet and about 8 degrees C, first ride on the new bike.....aim was not to cramp and to ride all the hills. This was achieved although I did stop at the changeover area for 5 mins to stretch. Time was 2:58 mins.

Rory had a good ride and the single track sections went well perhaps a bit too slow on my part. I walked the wall!!!

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At last no cramping...very happy

Best race of the year for me...with Rory, Tony and Michael...bigggest thing NO CRAMPS!

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Wollombi wild ride 60 kM 2011

This is always a tough one amd I cramped 10 km's from the ned and limped home to a 2Hrs 42 mins

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I got flung in this Fling

Below is a preview, click to read the full post

This is undoubtedly the toughest and longest race for me to date...8 hours is a long time to spend in the saddle. I cramped severely in the last ten km's and it was as hot as blazes. I got bitten by three cattle flies which was quite an experience...the one through my lycra.I had a rock bash my shin from another bike...which was quite painful

On the positive I enjoyed the novelty of the water crossings and some beautiful scenery and the fact that my bro-in-law had his best ride to date was the highlight for me. The race was well organised and sign posted.

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Wollombi Wild Ride 60 Km

Tough fast race with lots of climbs, fire trail and cow poo. No real time to recover. Great event and spirited prize giving

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