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Another dissapointment

2nd in the old farts category again....

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Not a good way to finish the last Capital Punishment

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Sadly the last Capital Punishment didn't go to plan at ALL! And even though this isn't really a race report as it was a DNF there is a story behind it.

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1st ever race CP2015

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I decided last year(my first year in cycling) that CP2015 would be my first race ever. I trained well all summer, lost 6kg since New Years, but still had my doubts that I would finish/hold people up/embarrass myself.

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2015 Snowies MTB festival

my race report on the Snowies MTB festival from a few weeks back

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Punished- Recovered- Punished again

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Having completed only 2 events last year(convict 100 and the half fling) I have set about doing more racing then just training in 2015. The last two weekends have involved heading down to Huskisson for the husky 100 and then to Canberra for the Capital Punishment. Having previously only ridden Stromlo I thought the Capital would be a perfect opportunity to ride some of Canberra's other renowned trails. Starting at the back of wave two the race was fast and constant through the first 40km of mainly ST.

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Capital punishment 2015

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This was my 3rd race in as many weeks with the Wylde 4hr and Husky 100km having been completed the the previous weeks. This meant I was either going to be on form or knackered.

On Friday afternoon I headed down to Canberra with Dave (doc), got to registration just after 4 then headed out to stromlo for a quick lap in the hope of spotting the shortcuts to use the next day. After that it was off to dinner to meet Michael and Brian and a long wait!

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Capital Punishment 2015

Really happy with my result this year. The extra training I've been doing since before Christmas has paid off.

I knocked 30mins off last years time and didn't suffer from cramps.

Gonna keep the training schedule up and hope for a decent race season this year.

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Fun Weekend in Canberra

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It was freezing at the start. I accidently found myself on front row of the 2nd wave which didn’t last long… At 4km in I saw @doc with an SXC mate on the inside of an uphill corner looking all grazed and holding himself like he had a busted collar bone. I hope I’m wrong Dave! I stopped almost 1km later and relayed what I saw to a marshall.

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Not a bad execution!

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(Before the death of Capital Punishment!)

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