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The Wall

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(no, not another brick ...)

Ouch. I think they are still scraping my body bits off the wall.

Managed to do 4 laps yesterday but I think I already hit the wall in the 2nd lap. The short pinches were painful after the first lap. I was also cramping on all the laps bar the first one (probably 3 times in each lap). And I had cramps in the same spot on each lap (I think the spot was after some pinch climbs). I didn't have such problems at Penrose or Dirtworks last year.

Apart from that, Ourimbah was a fun course. I haven't riden so much singletrack since Penrose.

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Hours of Fun

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How much fun was that? I haven't done a race like this before (the 24 hour Mont doesn't really count - it was more an endurance than sprint event) and it turned out to be tough. Maybe this was down to the course and heat? Didn't the elites manage 14 laps? Results are in and Solo male winner did 13 laps. Now wait a sec, these boys normally do 100Km in 4 hours so to do only 130Km in 8 must say something about the conditions!

Hard as it was, fantastic day out and loads of fun. There was pain, particularly from cramps in the thighs which normally never happens to me - although calf muscles sometimes complain. A few hard, sprint laps turned out to be a completely different kind of punishment to enduro events. I found that coming in after pushing for a lap left one exhausted, but because it's only been 10Ks, well, the exhaustion soon subsided and everything was good.

It was also very nice that we (Cupcake, Junkie and I) ended up doing 4 laps each. This was just under 3 hours riding for me, I suspect Junkie rode maybe 5-10 mins a lap faster average (mine wasn't helped by those cramps in the final lap which dragged the average time down badly) and Cupcake probably could have done so if it wasn't for his puncture. Yeah, so although I was going to the slowest Slow Joe, wasn't that much off the pace.

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Some people ...

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Some people have all the luck. Fancy having the chance to do runs down Mt Panorama with it closed off to traffic.

I like my life.

this was a test for Newtons Playground

The boarders has to test to see how far up the Mount they and the street luges would be able to start and still get around Forest Elbow.

All the way from the top... For the record I was giving the boarders a start and then trying to catch them.

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2007 Half Fling

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Well this was my first solo race effort (the Mont being my first race). My Fling experience seems to reflect a lot of the other fellow Nobmobbers! Let's start from the top.

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My full fling report...

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Hey all! Was nice to see a few Nobmob jerseys around at the race! Didn't get a chance to meet up properly with anybody... I came late on Saturday with Raymov... I had a bit of a chat with Bruce on the ride, and thanks Shaun for the shout-out at the finish line Smiling Yeah, and was nice to have family waiting at the finish line.

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Great weekend!

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Thanks everybody for the great weekend!

I loved every minute of it and thanks to kiwi boy and super girl I had the best time riding the 50km (even though I could feel my lack of riding over the last few months big time)! Nice pace and heaps of fun! I will especially miss your big sigh: "Hmmmmmm, oh dear!" at the start of every hill, kiwi boy. It made me laugh every time! Smiling

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My race report sounds basically the same as Robs. Race started off well with no issues. Got into a groove and linked on to a train of people going at a reasonable speed. Cleared the first stage in 1.30 ish, thought all was going well, got into the next stage, still going a good speed, then at around the 40-45km mark I lost all energy, had nothing in the tank, was very strange as went from great speed powering up everything to having absolutely nothing. stopped and had a bite to eat, some gu, drink etc. Didn't really help much. stayed there a bit longer.

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Fling = Big regret

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Hey guys, firstly I’d like to take my hat off to all those that finished the full Fling, as now I know in first hand how hard it really is (much…. much harder than I ever thought).

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Fling for me

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This was The Fling for me, did the 110 option ( didn't know you could do only 100?!)

This was different race to the one I did two years ago, it's 110kms and it's a long, long day.

Threat of rain as of last week so was pretty apprehensive. I had a spare pair of socks and gloves and light rain jacket all ready to take in my pack. Woke up Sunday morning and not a cloud in the sky! Yeehaa! Walked around outside and the ground wasn't too wet either, this was looking good.

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