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2008 GT Avalanche 1 Broken!

I finally upgraded my Apollo Ascension to a 2008 GT Avalanche 1 tonight. Got it home and did 2 laps in the backyard to feel it out. It had a click sound thru the gears and then "Bang", the rear derailer holder snapped in two (forged aluminium/steel? - Broken). It looks like the chain wasnt set up right and the holder is definitely not up to grade. Lucky I wasnt half way out at Manly Dam or Cascades. Anyway back to the shop tomorrow - bugger as I was going out tomorrow at 6:30am, which I still will on the Apollo. These things happen!!!

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Long W/E Fun around Barrington Tops

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Phew, you go away for a few nights and look what happens! Glad to see everyone had fun, for what it's worth, our little trip to Barrington Tops was very nice. Just fantastic all round, but more importantly - it's a great place to ride! Smiling

Saturday, Pratiwi did very well, I told here this would be, "Just like Terrey Hills":

Oops Eye-wink

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I was riding that singletrack before the Golfcourse at the Dam Wednesday arvo, came round a corner and there was a great big rooster standing in the middle of the trail!!

It turned and bolted, but with no where to go it just ran along the singletrack at full pelt with me riding along right behind it. This went for about 100 meters before it jumped into a clearing on the side of the trail. Was hell funny - never seen a rooster run so fast!

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Went riding in Fiji today.

Sketchy cheapo Learsport hardtail witrh dodgy gears and brakes, helmet that was too big.

Found some sick trails though, steep, rocky, loose, rutted double track going straight up a mountain ridge. Awesome views of the coast and reefs.

Be great one day to come back with a real bike and do some real riding. If my little outing is any indication, there must be some awesome riding around here!

I'm off for a Fiji Bitter now...

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You N+1 you N-1

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Bianchi Cross Veloce

After a bit of pondering and the like, lookie what showed up on my doorstep this arvo? Shiny new Bianchi Cross Veloce. Actually better looking in the flesh (my pic I mean, than the one on their site) 'cos you can see the nobby tires, and the wheels are black.

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Grips & Blades

Ahhhhh... all the badnessness of couple weeks back is gone. New grips (ODI Ruffian) + new brake blade. All sorted.

Note to self: get some circlip pliers or a spare for next time. Luckily it did as it was told, but that pesky little clip could have shot off into the oblivion of the garage all too easily.

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you know what really hurts?

so its been rainy the last little bit and i was eager with all the exams to get out and play around on the echo. firt time i try and do a rear wheel hop, had some sort of brain explosion and thought the front brake would hold me still, wen straight over the back and landed square on the coccyx on the cement... so sitting here typing this i have an ice pack down south trying to reduce the damage.... as you've probably realised me and dad are fairly accident prone... ill get over it.

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Bad weather

Is it still possible to ride the manly dam track with all the rain we have had?
i was thinking of going out tomorrow.

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trials (bike and educational!)

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so the helmet seems to be growing dust as the hsc takes over my riding time for the next few weeks. would have loved to go to that ourimbah meet last weekend but not to be im afraid. Thank god for the echo that i can just take out for a half an hour for a bit of a muck around on. its amazing that everytime i come in from playing on the bike there's something new i've learnt, its a whole new field of riding. the other day i doubled my rear wheel hop record to 17 hops!

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New Gloves

I've been riding with Fox Sidewinder gloves for a ages now. Can't really remember when I bought these but must be well over a year ago. At some point back then I decided that wearing fingerless gloves was a bad idea and began using them on every ride.

Anyhow, so they are beginning to split where the main leather (artificial?) palm meets the reinforced plastic type material on the outer (little finger) side.

Picked up some Fox Static gloves (size - L - feel a little tight but should bed in nice) as replacement yesterday. They have a Kevlar palm panel where the others had that plastic type stuff. But the main reason for this choice though was double thickness panelling and double stitching on the palm - should be more comfortable and last longer.

Not that any of this is particularly interesting, but at least I will have a record of when they were purchased and will be able to gauge how they last.

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