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Another great weekend

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Well, just back from another fantastic weekend away with the NoBMob crew enjoying the wonderful tracks that would appear to be in abundant supply in the Coffs Harbour Region.

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Week 5 25th June 07

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Good or bad, the first step at refocusing myself is to get back into this blog, actually found this mornings write up of the last week a little cathartic. One thing I did take out of last week was that the cravings increased relative to the decrease in exercise. I had actually noticed this by about midweek and made the point of exercising when the cravings hit, to my surprise they actually did go away. Now just the will power to see it through. This may have been common knowledge to soem or all of you but it is not something I have ever correlated before.

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Weigh in week 4.7 24th June 07

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To say I have struggled this week would be an understatement. Have given in numerous times to cravings, particularly the sweet kind. The Black Dog has started to raise his ugly head over the fence again and I'm doing my best to knock it back into place. It is absolutely amazing how the weather and little things beyond your control can affect moods. Really haven't kept any logs / diaries this week. Suffice to say that it would be nothing to brag about if I had, no early morning walks at all, very little static / strength exercise, only on the trainer twice that I can think of.

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An interesting thing happened at Lidsdale today:

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Liam, Lee, Rob, Shane, Steve and Bruce turn up for the ride with everyone in good spirits, despite the 0 degree temps at 9:00 a.m. Lee was up and at 'em at 4:30 am to make the ride. Rob was similar?

Plenty of frost on the ground in Lithgow. Ice has formed over all of the puddles in the ground, making crunching noises as you ride over them. Serious mist condenses with each exhale. My knees have turned purple. The 5 other guys look like they are on a Himalayan expedition with all the layers of long clothes they are wearing. See photo:


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Weigh In Week 3.7 17th June 07

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Mixed bag this week. Have struggled a little over the last two days with taking the healthy options. As with everyone else the rain is driving me stir crazy, am actually starting to get a little concerned about Coffs. I was hoping that all the riding last week would give me a good springboard from which I could launch into a couple of longer (read 40km +) rides this week and next week, then back off a little the week before.

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Week 3.4 14th June 07

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Still plodding along. The eather isn't helping much for Coffs preparation, as I'm sure most of you ould be feeling. Have upped the "trainer" work, really need the saddle time in prep for what will probably be atleast a 3 1/2 hr ride.

Porridge, juice with fibre supplement

Coffee, no sugar, Me thinks I have cracked this one John, thanks.
Kiwi fruit, 1/2 a banana

Left over stirfry

Slice of wholegrain with a little honey

small bowl of icecream

1/2hr walk

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Week 3.3 13th June 07

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Feeling reasonable, a few sore spots though after the weekend.

Fruit juice with fibre supplement

Kiwi fruit
Coffee, no sugar

Chicken & salad sandwich, no skin

Protien shake
slice multigrain bread with honey

Stir fry
cup of tea

3 x 15 sit ups....sor ejust below my ribs from hitting the bars
1/2 hr walk.

No push ups as shoulder is still sore as well.

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Week 3.1 11th June 07 Weigh In

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I'm back and still alive. Survived 4 days of riding, 5 rides in 4 days, although there was one close call.

This will be pretty breif as I didn't keep a food diary the whole time, nor did I have the bike computer with me so I am a little sketchy on distances etc.

Suffice to say that diet wasn't perfect but generally wasn't too bad either. Very difficult in a share house with such a large group. Did try really hard to make sensible choices particularly for dinner although I was more concerned with keeping up fuel intake than anything else.

Weighed in Tuesday morning

100.5 kg

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Canberra Wrap - June Long Weekend 07

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Figured I'd put this in as a blog rather than four individual posts for the four days.

Let me start by saying what a bummer it was that you fell ill Rob and couldn't join us down there. That said you really didn't miss much at all so there is no point in you reading on any further.

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Week 2 3 June 07

Back to the grind today. Feeling pretty good.

Fruit Juice (psyllium husk added)

Kiwi fruit

Surprise, turkey & salad sandwich


Lamb, steamed vegies and mashed spud

1/2 hr walk
3 x 15 sit ups
3 x 10 push ups

Really wanted to get the "gym" set up this week before I went away but won't get the time. Need to some other form of static exercise for strength and toning.


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