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Wollombi Wild Ride Course Info

Heading to Wollombi this weekend... Does anyone know if the Wollombi Wild Ride 60km route passes through any private property?

Anyone got a Strava link by any chance?

Cheers, Andy

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Belrose Bike Park - Support Needed

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Support required!!!

Submissions are open for Belrose Bike Park's modified DA.

We're proud to formally introduce Belrose Bike Park.
Following challenges encountered during the Bare Creek project, community representatives have assisted the relevant authorities in re-working the bike park design. The result is something smaller and more manageable, but with potential to provide a far superior riding experience.'s picture

Wingello MTB trails

Hey everyone. Looking at riding the trails down at Wingello with a group of kids (10-16 year olds). Some novice, some quite experienced. Have never ridden them myself. Any comments on particularly the yellow and red trails? Degree of difficulty, time taken to ride each (assume novice here), elevation gained (and lost!) on each one...Want to try and make it a memorable experience for them and encourage them to get out and ride more often. Some have ridden Oakes and other trails in blue mountains and some are regulars at Hornsby MTB trail.
Any comments greatfully received. Cheers.

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NSW is a Fine State

Some interesting statistics in this Guardian Article:

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Interstate Bike Dleivery

I have just sold my bike so can anyone advise who should I use to send interstate. Seen a few from old posts but would like to know if someone in Nobmob world has some recommendations.

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I've been looking though the calendar and noted that only the race events were listed. Are there any regular social or training rides?

Ive been a long time mtb rider, who has been spending far too much time on the dark side (roadie) over the past few years. Im keen to find some riding buddies to help me get back on the dirt more regularly.

Thanks in advance!

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BB95 bearings removal and install

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Hi there. Need some advise on where to get tools required for removing my bottom brackets bearing and installing them back. Got stuck with one bearing which I need to remove, clean and put back..Any ideas?


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St Ives Trails Under Threat?

Just read this in the North Shore Times - anybody know if this will affect any of the trails in the area?

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Bike build advise

Trying to sell my bike at the moment which isn't that old and looking as an option to just buy a frame and use most of the parts that are on it onto the new one and hopefully sell the existing one cheaply.
Just wondering the pitfalls of doing this and is it worth it in the long run as Im looking at saving a few grand and not having to wait to sell my bike which is painful considering it's a steal price and put some great upgrades and is all working great.
Any experiences and some price indications of bike strip downs and rebuilds would be great.

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Bottom Bracket

I've managed for the 23rd time to order something online that's 80% the right specifications but not 100% I bought a SRAM X0 1*11 crankset but it's for a BB30 bottom bracket. If I get a BB30 bottom bracket will this fit in the standard bottom bracket hole on the bike or are both the inside and outside widths different. I don't yet have a bottom bracket as I'm building a new bike so wondering whether I have to return the crankset or whether I could get a BB30 for the bike. Thanks in advance. Wow I have almost a shop of bike parts 80% correct now.I wish there was just choice A, B, or C.

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Trail Helmet advice

Hi Guys,

Looking for advice on purchasing a new helmet. Most rides around the dam and Bantry Bay trails.
Narrowed the search down to these three brands:
Bell Super 2
Giro Feature
IXS Trail RS

Does anyone have or tried out the mentioned helmets and can recommend?

I have read each have lots of pros but these are their cons:

Bell - heavy
Giro - can be hot
IXS - Peak too long

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Stolen: Giant NRS XTC3 2001(?)

Hi there

Someone broke into our car park lock up cage in Dee Why yesterday and stole this old school beauty

Generally wouldn't be worth a great deal, but it's been recently rebuilt with all new components and belongs to my wife, who is now mtb-less and sad.

Long shot, but posting in case it gets spotted. Any info much appreciated, pic attached.



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Aquatic Centre: Pipeline to Bus Stop closed

I noticed that section across the other side of the parkway from KC - from the pipeline to the bus stop - is closed. Someone has built a 6ft high wall of logs, etc. Looks like a serious effort to keep us out.
I understand the section from the bus stop to the Dam is ecologically sensitive but I thought the section before the bus stop is fine and there is no reason to block it off? It made a great "down" to the KC "up".
Anyone know any more??

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Adult responsibilities

There's an interesting line in this winsome video that neatly encapsulates why mountain biking helps to keep me sane.

Would love to go on one of these guided adventures.

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Kevin Costner Extension

Just a heads up, but it looks like the reasonably new extension of KC (behind the houses) is going to be cleared to make the parkway wider. There's barrier flags going across the trail a few times, which kinda sucks. Had to throw the anchors out pretty hard to stop in time.

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Serrata advice

The only bit of Serrata that I can't do is the steep double roll down. What's the best approach - no brakes until the bottom or some back brake to slow down after the first roll down and before the second roll down?

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RS Reverb seatpost remote advice

Got back on the MTB today for the first time in a few weeks due to a dicky knee, and had a chance to play with the dropper post. I like it.

By the end of the ride though, the joint at the base of my fragile desk jockey thumb was feeling rather tender. I think this is from having to push the plunger all the way home to get the saddle to move.

I know you can alter the rebound speed by twisting the dial on the end, but does anyone know if it is possible to get the post's locking mechanism to release earlier in the plunger's travel, or reduce the amount of force needed?


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Pilot Wilderness Ride

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Inspired by ride listed on this site, I'd been dreaming about riding the Pilot Wilderness from Dead Horse Gap to the Pinch Campground for years. A few weeks ago I finally got to achieve it and what an amazing adventure.

The story is too long to post here, if you are interested in reading the detail please visit my Pilot Wilderness blog posts

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The bell tolls #2

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.
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All those who cycle in NSW will be aware of the law requiring a bell installed on your bike or face a $106 fine. The law has been around for a long time, however, with the recent increase in penalties for cycling infringements purported to be for cyclist safety Police focus upon this and the issuing of penalties has increased significantly.

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Tracks for Cyclocross bikes

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Hi all

Great site and loving the trail maps. However is there anyway to know if these trails are suitable for CX bikes? Or is there a way to filter out more flat mountain trail for CX bikes? Thanks in advance

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What I Miss

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I haven't been here for a long time now, ive moved to a town near Port Macquarie. Although there are some great locations to ride ,and im yet to find them all, here's what I miss about Sydney riding.
Red Hill, man I miss that joint, I aint seen variety like that here yet.Sydney sandstone, aint none of that here either.Sydney siders on the northern beaches are very lucky to have what you have there. Cherish it , and if someone could do a lap of Red Hill for me , that'll be great.
Just did Rotorua for a week,..... MAN IT WAS SICK...!!!.get over there.
Take care Nobmober's

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heads up ... the tathra enduro

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Hey all,
heads up

Of late me has spent a chunk of time on the far far far nsw south coast
Coming up mid june on the long weekend is there mtb enduro race,

I have pedalled there a heap of times and despite the numerous hellos to snakes, wallabies many goannas' and one echidna ( how good is mountain biking ) just cant get enough of the single track,

Ill let you guys suss it all out, but i can tell you it is a sweet lil spot where you do your session and within shuffling distance is beers, burgers and crystal clear waters at the beach

here some links

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Steel 29-er

I’m interested in a getting a steel 29-er hardtail – preferably single-speed with option to run gears. Particularly keen on Niner SIR9 or Ritchey P-29er.

Does anyone have one of these I could please sling a leg over and ride around the block, or even better a steel 29-er they are thinking of selling? I prefer the XC bent as opposed to hardcore hardtail flavour. Medium size required (5’10”)

Thank you!

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Scamming alert - When selling a bike

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Trying to sell my bike and straight away I get a weird text saying they want to buy my bike and they live on a remote mining site so they cannot phone you. They are willing to pay you for the asking price using direct bank deposit, using paypal instant wire service blah blah blah....oh and they are already in touch with a courier service now ....but then ask where you live and that you sign off all rights to your bike.
Anyway, as they say if it's too good to be true it is.
I'm English so politely told him to F@#$ off and stop wasting my time.

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Lost sunnies manly dam

Hi, I lost a pair of Oakley sunglasses at manly dam this arvo. Would love to get them back if anyone finds them. Thanks

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