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Wednesday morning ride

anyone interested in a ride on Wednesday morning before work... 7am start @ Oxford Falls?!?!?? ( Morgan Rd.)

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Star Wars Cops

Hello all,

Nothing to do with MTB riding. But for any sci-fi fans out there, I thought I would share a funny Star Wars video I found. Enjoy! Laughing out loud

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geocaching anyone?

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I think this is something that would be awesome to do on rides. I did this with a friend today and it was actually quite fun.

Basically, someone leaves a "cache" of items in a particular location and publishes the GPS coordinates, and sometimes some clues that lead to where to find the cache...sometimes its even kind of like puzzle to work out what the real coordinates are from a given set of starting coordinates.

If you find it, you either swap something out or add something to the cache and fill in a logbook usually at the cache that you visited it, then leave for the next person to find.

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Wisemans Ferry

Hi, I am heading up to Wisemans Ferry on Monday for a holiday and was just wondering if anyone had any information on the tracks up there. I have read the "great northern road" ride and also downloaded the KMZ for google earth. I was just wondering if there were any points which were really good, or places to avoid or people who have riden it recently to talk to. Oh, and like most, i prefer downhill to uphill and i already know of spiders Laughing out loud Any informaiton on the track would be great. and i dont mind riding a hill to get to a sweet downhill.



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Anyone on Manly Dam

Hey guys. I was riding Manly Dam today (Saturday) with my dad and met a group of four riders at the top of the "all down hill from here" section. I was just wondering if it was anyone from the NOBMOB crew. I was riding a Mongoose and my dad was riding my new Kona. It was about 5:30pm.


see ya on the trails.


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the oaks

if you dont mind id like to come along on sunday. never ridden with you guys and never ridden the oaks before, ive looked on but never trust estimated times from bilgola. anyone any idea? im a pommy too so please... no one mention the cricket!

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Week off...


I know that most of you are insanely jealous of this, but I will also have next week off from work - Mon 8th to Fri 12th.

To try and tee up some of the usual weekday rides (not at night), is anyone else also off from work? Anyone interested in some weekday MTB madness?



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sat 6th arvo ride?

anyone up for a peddle in oxford falls area sat arvo? im thinking around 4pm...

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anyone here on weekend?

Is there anyone who is not going to the Blue Mountains interested in a ride on the weekend? I was thinking early or late either day as I do have to work for both of them - early meaning 7.30 - 8am and late after 6pm (doesn't get dark till 8.30).
I will go somewhere anyway... but can safely say it won't be Cascades!!!

MEEE Smiling

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Thursday ride??

Anyone interested in a Thursday morning ride? Say about 9:00 a.m. If so, where?


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Ride on Wednesday morning 03-01-07

Hi all,

I thought I would have a blast around Manly Dam on Wednesday morning at 8:30 a.m. I don't have anyone to meet at this stage Sad If anyone is interested in joining me, please meet at the lower car park.


0438 885 410.

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Holiday Mode Ride Wed Morning 3-1-07

As I am doing the Wed night ride the morning ride won't be Terry Hills.

I'm open to suggestions!

Cascades, Manly Dam, Oxford Falls or Red Hill.

Bring it on!

Greg (Pikey) 0431 703 266

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Wednesday Night or Day ride

Hiya All,

Anyone up for a night or day ride on Wednesday ?
Keep it simple and probably aim for some Terry Hills tracks. I'm open for suggestions.

Anyone ?


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Saturday 6th Jan

Hi everyone,
Can't make it on the sunday, have to attend a bday party.
Anyone want to join me for a ride on Saturday morning? I was contemplating doing Andersons Firetrail and then doing the Oaks (i.e. Wentworth Falls to Woodford to Glenbrook). I'm open for any other ride suggestions if your keen.


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The Oaks, Sunday 7th, 6.52am train!

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Ok, after such an enjoyable ride last Wednesday at the Oaks and another nice ride this morning a few of us thought we would hit the Oaks up again next weekend before everyone returned to their "normal" work mode.

Where: well the Oaks obviously
When: Sunday 7th January 07
Time: 6.52 am train from Glenbrook station, this departs Central at 5.48 if your training it all the way, and should have us at Woodford by 7.23am.
What: The Oaks fire trail standard run, ie Woodford to Glenbrook, not St Helena's.

Confirmed starters: Stuart, Bernd, Evan, Tien, Carolyn, Flow.

If you want to join us then please feel free to, just post back here or send me a text 0412 174 282, failing that

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City Trails?


I'm new here in the forum, and newish to MTBing in Australia (just moved here in April '06.)

I currently live in Randwick. Do any of you guys know of any trails or anything similar to a trail around here? Its always time consuming getting to the mountains or the North Shore. (not really that it's a problem, just takes time).
Centennial Park isn't bad, and its at my doorstep.

Any suggestions, or people wanting to go for a ride around here - that would be cool!


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MWMBT Race Day- St Ives 23-12-06

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Matt and I turned up for one of the Manly Warringah Mountain Bike Club race meetings, this one at St Ives. This was a great afternoon and something NoBMoB should join more often.

Matt and I both signed on as Group C. I was well placed in this group as I finished last in both our races. You know I couldn’t believe these guys didn’t stop every 100 metres or so for me to catch up, bastards.

Guess who was the stand out winner in both our races? yes it was steroids Matt. I told you all I was right.

Jokes aside Matt really kicked ass, so much so that he has been up graded to B division. I recon he would give the A's a run for their money!

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morning ride on the 31st

Hi there!

Anybody interested in a last ride in the old year on Sunday morning (aroud 7.30ish)??

Would love to go to Oxford Falls or Red Hill but I don't exactly know my way around there, so if anybody knows the way or is up for an adventure that'd be great!! Otherwise I am happy riding around the Dam.

Will be away from tomorrow to 30th evening, so no internet but txt me (see profile) and I'll check this page out when I am back!


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Gibberagong track???

Hi Guys, just down for the holdidays and exploring the area and I noticed the Gibberagong track marked on map. It starts at the end of Grosevener Street in North Wahroonga and looks to go all the way down to Bobbin Head. Has any one out there ridden this??
I was thinking it might be a nice loop down this Gibberagong track and back up the Bobbin Head tracks to the Sphynx, any comments?

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body armour?

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Hi all! New to the site, kinda new to off road riding as well...

A little July I had an operation in my right shoulder for a partially torn bicep tendon and screwed up shoulder in general (bicep tenodesis and arthroscopic acromioplasty - I play a lot of volleyball). Not really expecting "full recovery" till mid January but I've been feeling good with playing sports again for couple of weeks now and went for a ride with a friend near ANSTO (Lucas Heights/Menai)

900m into the ride I flip coming off a boulder and of all places land on my right shoulder.

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Sunday 24 Dec late afternoon- probable ride at Yellowmundee

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Me and a mate have arranged for an unexpected ride for Yellowmundee in the lower Blue Mountains late on Sunday afternoon - looking for something like a 4:00 p.m. start. Hopefully all my shopping will be out of the way by then. Smiling

I have never ridden through there, so there is bound to be some exploration going on. But I should let you know this will be a fairly social, leisurely ride. Hey, it's Christmas!!

If anyone else was interested in joining us, please drop me a text message as you are more welcome to join us. Please use a text message as I will probably not be viewing this site late Saturday or on Sunday.

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Short Track MTB & Cyclo-Cross 23/12/06

If you're looking for something to do tomorrow arvo to escape christmas shopping & partying MWMTB are holding Short Track XC racing & a BBQ at St Ives Showground.

Details at


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The Oaks Wed 27th December

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Was thinking of doing the Oaks (Woodford to Glenbrook only) Wednesday December 27th if anyone would like to join me.

Would normally be on the 8am train from Glenbrook but it turns out there is no 8am train weekdays so our choices are either 7.28 which gets us to Woddford by 8 or 8.28 which surprisingly gets us to Woodford at 9. My thoughts are that the later train is getting too late, particularly if it ends up being a hotter day, so would like to be on the 7.28 train. In that Glenbrook is normally only about 40mins from home (Gladesville) this shouldn't be too big an ask. Post back your thoughts if you intend joining me.

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Coffs MTB Bike Enduro's

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Were back!!!! Coffs Cycle Club & North Coast Power and Water presents

Coffs MTB Bike Enduro's

The same amazing single track as before with some new crazy variations & "smoko" has some extra ingredients.



14th of January ( 3hr enduro )

28th of January ( with a twist )

11th of February ( possible rope course )

7am sign for 8am start

singles & teams up to 4


Opposite Adams Sawmill, Glennifer Rd, Sth Coffs


$15 race entry + $ 15 mtba day licence
($90 annual membership available)


Call Adrian 0414387320


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Bahai Temple to Deep Creek Trail

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Last Saturday I was riding on the Deep Creek Trail from Morgan Road towards Narrabeen, and not that long after the waterfall I came across a trail on the left side. It was a very nce single-track trail. I don't believe it is secret track or anything like that, since it was not hidden in any way. So I decided to head up it, I soon came across some guys who told me it is a very long trail and comes out near Bahai Temple, and I was going the wrong way. So I ended up turning back...

Anyway, Ive been planning to do this trail this weekend in conjuction with a longer ride, but I did not know where exactly the trail started near the Bahai Temple. So I asked somebody about it in another forum because they mentioned they had riden there, they told me that it starts about 200m after the Temple along Mona Vale Rd towards St Ives. Where there is a parking bay, the trail starts left of it, over some logs. When there is a fork in the track take the left option. Anyway, I haven't personally explored the track yet, but will probably post an update of it here after I have...

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