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Early 7:30 a.m. ride on Sat 23 Dec - Red Hill or Terrey Hills

I am getting a few guys together for what will be my last ride before Christmas. The intention is for a 7:30 a.m. start at either Red Hill (if the weather is okay) or at Terrey Hills (if it is something else).

If anyone feels interested in blowing away their hangover, getting themselves up off the floor, and go for a ride (yes, this will be me Laughing out loud), please post your intended involvement.

0438 885 410

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New Bike

Thank you all for your help i will get down there and check it out.

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Credit where due

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The last few times I've stepped into a cycle store can't say have been that impressed.

However, credit where it's due... picked up the Jekyll from Bike Addiction yesterday - the rear shock is looking shiny and new (it had the seals changed) and the lockout is fixed. This is nice, because when this was shown to a lesser outfit they were like, "Que? Lockout? Can't fix that". Most other places in Sydney will also tell you to send the shock back to Dirtworks which is a little silly.

So nicely done.

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Its time for some Christmas Cheer

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Its time for some Christmas Cheer
Some come and share a beer
On a ride through the wood
You can even have some pud
If only we have enough light
For this ride on Tuesday night
It'll be a social pace
If only we could decide on a place

Ok enough already, sorry Greg I should leave that stuff to you.
SO Tuesday night, Wednesday's no good, Thursday's late night shopping and Friday, well last day of work for most so I'm sure there'll be xmass work drinks to be had.
Time 7.45pm start.
Where, well we can't decide. TH is more condusive to a social beer and a slice of pudding (I'll bring that, you bring your own beer or whatever poison you drink), but Cascades, St Ives side start, is the "harder" ride. So the place with the most votes by the time I check late tomorrow night will get the green light.

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Friday Morning Dec 15 Ride

Hi all, I have just joined up and wanted to let everyone know a mate and I will be riding on friday morning about 8am, probably at Oxford Falls, We both have the day off work so will probably be going for a few hours at least.

All welcome, just meet us at the carpark at the top, my mobile is in the profile if necessary.

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selling anyone?

I have a couple of friends who want to start riding and asked me if anyone had any second hand bikes they may want to! does anyone have a second bike of theirs they want to sell?
It seems to me that everyone hoards their old bikes...!
I don't think they want to spend loads - especially since they currently don't ride so may not like it...
If anyone posts I will pass on the information but then I am out of it!
Thank you!

MEEEE Smiling

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Visiting over christmas, any rides on???

Hi Guys, i'm down visiting the northern beaches area over christmas, just wonderin if you have any rides orgainised. Alternativley where's the best places to trundle. Am willing to exchange the favour if your ever in Armidale.

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Morgan Rd Wednesday Night Ride 13-12-06

Morgan Road (Oxford Falls) Cross Country (XC) ride.

Meet at the carpark near Lizard Rock on Morgan Rd. 7:30 for 7:45 departure.

Very Slow Casual ride, no major climbs (Christine!)
but the occasional technical bit.
Due to the short notice (I’m riding regardless) confirm either via here or my mobile 0431 703 266

Greg (Pikey)

PS: Bring your lights! (And a stubby for our half time beer!)

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Blue Mountains this weekend

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I'm probably going up to the Mountains this weekend for a spin or two now that the fires have died down and I have nothing better to do.

My tentative plan is to do St Helena's on Saturday and maybe tag on Andersons to the start for a bit of an epic! No definite time yet but will probably be an earlyish start on Andersons if I do that.

Anybody interested in joining me for any of that?

Disclaimer - I haven't actually ridden these trails before so don't expect me to know exactly where I'm going, as my companions on the Brindabella challenge can attest...

PS - Anybody going night ridi

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sidewall buldge...

hey fellas just hoping for your opinions on this...
I just replaced a new tube in my front tire... every thing looking fine untill i inflate it... in one certain spot just near the valve a large sort of and egg appears on the sidewall... almost like the air is all just stopping at this point and building up... i have taken the tube out several times and made sure it was in evenly, not twisted ect but i keep gettin the same thing...

any ideas?

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as posted on Farkin (I can't verify the views/facts therein but I would think this important or of interest to most reading this site):

Every person I've ever talked to that's been badly hurt out in the bush talks about how beautiful the sound of the rescue helicopter coming to get them is.

Those in the Sydney area have probably heard by now that the NSW government has accepted a tender by a Canadian company CHC to take over rescue and retrieval helicopter operations around Sydney. This means the end of the current operators NRMA CareFlight and

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Lazy Saturday afternoon ride?

Hello all,

I was thinking of taking an easy ride on Saturday afternoon. Possibly at a place that is easy to complete, like Manly Dam or Terrey Hills. Was anyone interested? Start time is negotiable, but I cannot do a morning ride.

0438 885 410

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When to replace tyres?

I have a feeling I replace my tyres a little too quickly sometimes, anybody got any good rules of thumb as to when to replace?

I've tubeless UST Maxxis Ignitors and there's still maybe a couple of mm left on rear centre knobs and I'm umming and aahing about whether or not to replace.

I guess the easy answer is suck it and see if the grip's still OK but let me know if you know better!


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Sunday 10 early morning ride.

Hi all,

Anyone interested in an early morning ride on Sunday 10 Dec? i have to be at work by 1.00pm and would like to squeeze in an early morning ride if possible. I would'nt mind having a look at oxford falls or doing the dam circuit again. Any takers?


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Wed 6 Dec - Night Ride

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"Bring out the beast!"... oh dear - I do hope this hasn't been talked up too much. Really - it's not that much of a beast Eye-wink

Although the Dam is closed during the week at the mo, I spoke to the ranger and it appears after 5pm we're good to go. Watch out for machinery on the trail - although I hear it's a huge digger and not easily missed!

Where: Corner King/Arana Streets, Manly Vale
When: 7:45pm start (come a few mins before if you need the time)
What: Hit the usual Dam circuit - including the new 'freeway'

This will probably be a bit of a speedy ride, and it will be dark of course. Lights suitable for technical terrain are required.

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Anyone up for a Casades ride tomorrow at 7.30 (Sunday, 3rd)

Sounds like Manly Dam is fun no more

Will do Cascades if anyone interested, from Douglas Street to Wyatt, then Bare Creek then Quarry Tract then back to Douglas Street, well if it stops raining now, otherwise it will be a puddle of mud tomorrow

Please post here if anyone is keen


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Desecration, vandalism – Manly Dam trail is GONE!!!

I bring very bad news...

Just rode Manly Dam this morning and the trail had GONE - bulldozed out of existence!!!

Every water sculpted ledge and boulder has been flattened, every pothole and crevice filled. Instead we have a wide, soft sand freeway that’s good for nothing.

The premier trail of the Northern Beaches is no more…

What were they thinking???


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Brake Technique

Hi there

Just a quick question about braking technique. I find that I use the rear brake on my bike a lot probably because I'm scared I'll do an endo if I use the front too much.

I read that you stop better if you use your front brake which makes sense as there's more traction as weight is transferred forward.

So question is what technique do you all use? Front, Back or a combination of both?


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Red Hill - Sat 2nd 7am

Hiya All,

If anyone is interested a couple of us are riding Red Hill on Sat 2nd. Start at 7am at the carpark.

Hopefully see some of you there.


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Brindabella Challenge Epic (Social) Ride

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I've been considering this for a while and was wondering if anybody else was interested or already going down to 'Bra for it?

Looks like a great fun intro to the area and there looks to be a lot going on that weekend so I'm pretty keen to head down and make a full weekend of it, plus the girlfriend's away so I'm allowed!

70k's a fair ride but the detail suggests some is on road and it's social rather than comp so you can take it at your own pace.

Let me know if you're going and if you've been to 'Bra before and know of any suitable accommodation I'd much appreciate a post.

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no more riding alone.

Hi all,

My name is Luke and i have recently moved to the northern beaches from the Blue Mountains.I'm keen to meet some new faces and ride some of the local trails around the area. I have been treking back to the mountains on occasion to ride but really want to explore the local trails with company as riding alone is quite boring after a while. I enjoy single track/xcountry riding mostly. I can ride on a sunday usually, is any one able to help me out?



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Urban Polaris anyone?

It appears that there is not nearly enough discussion about the Urban Polaris this coming weekend. Is anyone else going along?
Its really a great fun event so if you have the weekend free you should look into it.

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The missing drink bottle...

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We were riding the Red Hill trail on Sunday, and were about half way through the 2.5 hour ride. My mate was borrowing my old Avanti Atomic bike as I was testing my brander spanker Norco Six. What a monster!! A sensational piece of kit that laughed off all my attempts to beat it into submission.

Anyway, we had noticed that after a while one of my drink bottles was MIA, fallen out of the cradle on the bike frame, presumably lost somewhere on the trail over some of the bumps - Red Hill being ideal for this kind of activity. "What a shame" I thought as I started recalling all the good times I have had over the many months. It is lost, out there, amongst all the bush and mud. Figuring it was all over for my lost friend, we continued on around the Red Hill loop, pressing on through all the downhills, technical drop-offs and jumps. I even rode down that massive cliff face that had me intimidated up to that point. You know the one? With the red coloured sandstone face? Well no more! It was awesome fun. Laughing out loud

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Tuesday Night Ride Terry Hills

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Anyone interested in joining me for a "SOCIAL PACED" night ride at Terry Hills this Tuesday night 7.30 at the shops for 7.45 start please Text me 0412 174 282. Sorry all, computer problems so I won't be checking here for replies.

Nine-lives this is a social paced ride, more than welcome to join but at a slower pace than the other week. I know how you get your ninelives, you stole one from me last time we rode Smiling and rumour has it you came close to getting another one the other night at cascades.

No moon so lights will be necessary.

If I don't get any sms then I will probably change times so please send me a message if you want to join me.

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Castle Hill bike sale Dec 2-3 weekend

Last weekend, there was a bit in the paper saying something about a bike sale in Castle Hill next coming weekend, Dec 2-3. Does anyone anything about this (i could have dreamt this up of course)? Address would be great


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