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Tuesday Night Ride Terry Hills

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Anyone interested in joining me for a "SOCIAL PACED" night ride at Terry Hills this Tuesday night 7.30 at the shops for 7.45 start please Text me 0412 174 282. Sorry all, computer problems so I won't be checking here for replies.

Nine-lives this is a social paced ride, more than welcome to join but at a slower pace than the other week. I know how you get your ninelives, you stole one from me last time we rode Smiling and rumour has it you came close to getting another one the other night at cascades.

No moon so lights will be necessary.

If I don't get any sms then I will probably change times so please send me a message if you want to join me.

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Castle Hill bike sale Dec 2-3 weekend

Last weekend, there was a bit in the paper saying something about a bike sale in Castle Hill next coming weekend, Dec 2-3. Does anyone anything about this (i could have dreamt this up of course)? Address would be great


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Red Hill - Sunday 26th 7:30am

Hiya All,

Due to bushfires in the mountains we have decide to skip the Oaks and are going for Red Hill. We are aiming for a 7:30am start.

Look forward to seeing some of you there.


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Oaks Sunday 26th: 6:52am Train - CANNED

Hiya All,

A couple of mates and I are going for an Oaks Trail run. Way I figure it, the more the merrier. We are aiming for the 6:52am train. Meet at the carpark at Glenbrook by 6:35am if you are interested.

Contact info on my profile page.


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Night ride - Wed 22?

Anyone up for a night ride Wednesday 22nd?? Around 7:45? I can actually do Tue or Thu also so am open to suggestion Smiling

Anywhere fire-trail like is good: Cascades, Terrey Hills, even a couple of out and backs at Oxford Falls (Five Mile + Slippery Dip).

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Oxford Falls 7am 19th - Sunday

Hi all,

Sorry for the late notice but a couple of us are heading to Oxford Falls tomorrow morning. We plan to do the single tracks and probably a couple of laps of the XC track.


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Red Hill Sat.18th 8:30am

Hi All

Ride Red Hill Sat:18th
Meet: Red Hill car park, top of Lady Penrhyn Drive @ 8:30am

C U There

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Short track XC racing 2.30 this Saturday St Ives Showground

have a look at for details, looks like a fun Saturday! Anybody else thought about this or fancy giving it a go?

If you've not been to St. Ives Showgrounds before it's got some pretty cool wee loop tracks that'll make for some interesting racing both for participants and spectators. Plenty of berms and a bit sandy (depending on the rain).

Post a note if you're going and fancy saying hello.


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Mt Majura - Canberra

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Went to do some cycling down in Canberra with some friends last weekend. Started off with a easy ride around the lake. Just 30km or so of bike path.

Then a friend who lives down there took us out to Mount Majura on the outskirts on Canberra. It's this pine forest with firetrails and singletrack littered all over the place!

Just head down to the airport then go down Majura Rd for 5min or so where there is a little carpark on the side of the pine forest.

Climb up to the top of the hill on the firetrail and then you can take singletracks all the way down and around the place. Can spend hours lost in the maze of singletrack!

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Sat 18th Terry Hills


After a nice hard ride through Galston Gorge yesterday arvo (Tuesday) Shano and I are going to do a ride this weekend at Terry Hills. We are planning on doing it twice as we are training for the Brindabella challenge social ride....

If you are keen to catch up with us meet at the Terry Hills shops for an 8:30am start.

My contact details are on my profile should you need them.


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Wisemans Ferry ride

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I was planning on getting a bunch of riders out to Wisemans Ferry this Saturday morning (the 18th), which should be great fun. I have never ridden out there before, and I am looking forward to it very much. Lots of people say it is great. But I am not sure how many of my mates are going to go yet. But will know more later in the week.

My question... does anyone know of any good weblinks (hotlinks) you could direct me to that explain the Wisemans Ferry ride in detail? As this ride / trail does not appear to be on this website. I just wanted to do a bit of research before we get out there.

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For Sale - CraftWorks DHR Team 2002 + Netti AXN Helmet + Fox Shin Guards $1700

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Syncros short bars
Oury grips
Shimarno XTR shifter
Azonic 50mm stem
DNM USD180 Team forks with 20mm axle (8.1in travel)
Mavic D321 rims
Maxxis Minion 2.7in tyres
Serfas DH triple wall tubes
HOPE hubs
HOPE C4 hydralic 4 spots 8in disc front and rear 7.5in
FOX Vanilla RC rear shock (8.25in travel)
Serfas Team edition seat and pole
MOSH 3piece crank with 44tooth gear
MR DIRT chain guards and tensors
Custom 4 link swing arm made by CraftWorks for ultimate strengh
with oversized bolts
Shimarno LX derailor
This bike is no where near standard and built for ultimate strength and durability for downhill.

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Anyone up for a night ride this week?

I'm keen to get some k's in on the new bike so wondering if anyone's keen for a night ride this week, today or tomorrow preferably?

Or is everybody a little flung?

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Manly Dam Tour

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This Sunday I'll be showing a guy around Manly Dam for (his) first time. The dude is relatively fit [ allegedly Eye-wink ] so although this won't be full speed we won't be taking it that easy. There will probably be stops for technical practice along the way - my mate is new to off road riding so will need this. Anyhow - so anyone interested in this sort of ride please post a reply and come along.

Where: Outside Hydrolics Lab, Corner of King/Arana, Manly Vale
When: 8:30am, Sunday 19 Nov
What: Medium paced riding of the Dam circuit with stops for practice and directions along the way.

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Original Crew say Hi.

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Just wanted to let you know that we are still very active, though you dont see us on NOBMOB website any more as it became a little public for us. We are riding every Sat/Sun. Craig Belorse, Gavin (pommy), feel free to drop us a line. Paul, Peter, Justin, Jeff, Ryan and Gavin we are all out there hitting great trails every weekend and will be doing are annual Thredbo ride in the new year. President NOBMOB Colin Dominish get your arse into gear.

Feel free if you want to jump onto our email list for weekend rides and you are one of the founding pack shoot me an email to or 0416288567 or just speak to Justin. Its now 4 years since we started NOBMOB good to see so many people involved.

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bike shops not being open on a sunday

i would just like to ask why aren't bike shops ope on sunday's? is i just me or is mtb riding a leisure activity? and dont people do their leisure activities on the weekend? like me for instance i work during the week and on saturday so i cant get to bike shops that often and when i want to go and buy a new bike the shop is closed! that really bugs me!

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Short Track Racing

So there's a few of you racing (riding?) the Highland Fling, but for those that think that 100km is a bit to far (or those whose legs are still spinning after the Fling) there's short track racing at St Ives Showground the following weekend. See for more details.

Even if you're not racing it's worth while to come & have a look with virtually the whole track visible from a view spectator spots and the action will be very fast and furious.


PS If you pass a guy on what looks like a road bike with only one gear at the Fling say hello!

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First MTB

Hello my name is charles and i am new to mountain bike riding. I am looking at buying a first bike and am willing to spend up to around $850. Any advice or help would be much appreciated. Thank you

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Suggestion for a new bike?

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Hi all,

I thought I would ask you guys for some advice about purchasing a new bike.

I am looking to upgrade to a dual suspension unit, spending no more than $3,000 - depending on any particular model's performance vs value. It would need to be an "all mountain" style XC bike as it is mainly used for fire trails, single trails, plus some limited fast downhill runs and slow technical bits. Think Manly Dam, think Red Hill, think Oxford Falls. I have asked some mates who have been very helpful, but I still want to widen my search.

During my research I looked at all the major brands I know of, like: Giant, Scott, Norco, Diamond Back, Mongoose, Kona, Iron Horse, Specialized, Cannondale. Based on price, so far I seem to like:

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Manly Dam Ride Friday 10th November 5:30pm


How about a good start to the weekend and have a run around Manly Dam...if there is enough light maybe two that uncharted territory for me but i'm willing to give it a try.

Meet at the Manly Vale Public School carpark on Gibbs St in Manly Vale for a 5:30pm start.

If your coming please let me know by posting, txt or a call on the day i guess.

Hope to see some of you there.

My number is on my profile should you need it for friday.


p.s. Weather permitting of course....if rain is about we may not ride, dont wish to ruin such a good trail....

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Bikebag for sale

Going abroad? Heading over to ride WA? well I have just what you need. An on-one padded bikebag with wheelbags. Has 2 trolley wheels for easy carrying and it very ell padded. Broght my giant trance over here from the UK in it with no damage at all, not even a scratch! On-One branded (UK fame manufacturer) and very high quality. cost me about $240 new, yours for $120. post back or email me

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Stolen Bike!

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Hey guys, new on here and hope to get out on the trils with you all once I've saved up somemore cash! I'm Paul, a UK XC rider came over here for some epic riding, but that's all kind of been ruined by some thieving scum taking my bike from Hyde Park last saturday. Was locked up at the macquarrie st entrance to a post and somebody took it in broad daylight. So if you see it it is a Giant Trance 4(blue) with Rockshox Reba Race forks, Hayes HFX9 hydro discs, slick tyres and crank bros eggbeaters. I know its a longshot and is probably in bits and sold by now, but this has put a real setback on my plans as I wanted to be out riding every weekend over here and some weeknights. I work as a courier in town (mailcall 137 if you see me say hi!) and will be getting a new bike ASAP or if anybody has a spare bike and would like to take me out for some local trails I wouldn't say no, sure I cold pay back the favour with a few beers!

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Sphinx Walking (cough cough) Trail

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We did the sphinx walking trail (oops) down the hundred or so stairs 6.5kms to halvorsens then back up the gibberagong waterholes track 5.5kms and cut to north turramurra (instead of up to grovenor st, wahroonga) A bit too much hike a bike involved and didnt realise sphinx was a no go till walkers told us halfway around. was a good day though. the track from north turramurra down to gibberagong could be worth it for a fastish tech downhill, was very cool down under the trees too on a fairly hot day. nice tight trail in some place which was fun but again a lot of hike a bike and scrambling over gaps made it a bit annoying make sure to fill your water in bobbin hd as the water on gibberagong didnt look too good for drinking!

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Bike Stand for sale

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A quirk of fate has meant that I have two bike stands. Now whilst I have two bikes I really only need 1 stand so am interested in selling one, but you have the choice of which one.

One has a couple of broken parts but still works fine, infact works as well as the unbroken, unused stand does. A couple of the plastic clamp parts were broken in transit.

Pics will be on the site soon.

These are the same stands T7 usually sell for $150 plus postage

So how much? Unused stand, no broken parts $120 delivered (more like handed over at the next ride)

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manly dam sunday 5th 2pm ish

any one riding out there on sunday? we are going to do our first dam permitting just to get an idea of the track and distance etc...roseville has grown short

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