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Holdens to get built in bike racks?

Spotted this today...

Certain Opel (aka. GM aka. Holden) models are getting a 'Flex-Fix' feature which is a rack that carries two bikes but hides away when not in use:


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Sat 7 Oct, Manly Dam & Bantry Bay, 8am

QUICK loop of Manly Dam & Bantry Bay.
Meet at Primary School carpark.
Peter R

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Sunday 15th October - Intro ride

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So I've been asked to take a bunch of novice MTBers out for a ride and I recommended Terry Hills.

So the plan is meet at Terry Hills shops at 08:30 Sunday 15th October.

This is open to all - be good to see you there.

All the usual -
- Helmet (no helmet=no ride)
- 2 litres water
- muesli bar / energy snack
- sunscreen
- spare tube
- pump (I'll have one so not mandatory)

This is mostly smooth-ish firetrail so if you haven't done a lot of MTBing then this a good intro.

We'll do about 22 Km in two to two and a half hours.

any questions, reply to this, drop me a message through this site or call me on 0419 611 681

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Oriumbah Again this weekend

Hi there!!
I have been to Oriundah last Monday and had a fall in the Downhill track. Today I discovered I lost my pump in that fall, so I am going back this weekend. I am planning to get there after midday (around 13hs), ride until dust, stay overnight and keep riding on Sunday morning. Then to the beach in the afternoon. Beautifull beaches in the entrance, and good to keep up with the lady. Still have one more spare space in the car and room for another bike. Anyone interested give me a call 0403-892857. Otherwise hope to meet some of you there!!

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Early Sunday Alternative

It's getting lighter and warmer so I think the early Sunday alternative is about to make a comeback.

7.00am meet, ride by 7.15
Morgan Rd
Should be an easy out, Moon Rock and back up for one or two laps of XC with a little playing along the way. All will depend on how Bernd's back holds up.

0412 174 282 if your coming

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More LED lights

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Whilst we struggle to bring LED lights in biking to life, you might be interested to hear Audi is now offering full LED lighting on some vehicles. Can't be long now before prices start to fall...

"An interesting innovation, and one that will be optional on even something as exotic as the R8, will be the availability of LEDs for all lighting functions – high and low beam, daytime running lights and indicators.

Particularly interesting are the headlights which are 'reminiscent of an open pine cone', with reflector shells arranged concentrically one behind the other in conjunction with an

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AROC Adventure Race Narrabeen 29 October 2006

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C'mon MTBikers, time to show your skills!
Come and enjoy a day out with some mates and participate in the 2nd AROC Adventure Race of the season at Narrabeen Lake. Adventure Racing combines orienteering on foot, kayak and most importantly, MTB, for some good times and team work.
You will be out there between 2.5 and 5.5 hours according to how fast your team can navigate around the course. You will ride, run, paddle and maybe even swim in multiple short stages with estimated maximum distances being: Paddle 4km / Run 10km / Bike 20km.
Teams are made up of 3 people who complete the course together (sorry, no relay!). You can enter as a mixed, male or female team.

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Full moon...

Now, Rob has brought to my attention that this is a daggy suggestion but as we are going to farewell Brocky at Bathurst next weekend I wondered whether anyone would be at all interested in going for a moonlit ride (yes, I am still optimistic that there will be no cloud and no lights needed..!!!)
Anyway, next Friday night (6th I believe) is the proposed date...I am getting paranoid about missing a ride since when washing up last night I had a panic attack that I am not fit enough to do this Fling (well, half a fling) thing...


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loads of fun for a quiet minute

"line rider" Draw a slope by hand and watch what happens...

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Sat 18th Ride @ Red Hill

Hi All

Ride this Sat 18th 8:30am at Red Hill
Meet: Red Hill Reserve car park, off Lady Penryhn Drive, Beacon Hill
Level: intermediate
Suss out the fire damage

C U There

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Sunday morning anyone?

I am working again this weekend so can't make the Saturday afternoon ride at Manly Dam but if anyone is keen to go there Sunday morning I would love to do a lap - I am quite sure that if left to my own devices I can still get very lost in there!


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Powering my home made lights

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OK so I have chosen the lights I want to use for my home made bike lights, MR16 12V leds, now just to power them. Remember I want something light weight, I wanted the light and battery mounted on my helmet, and now it obviously needs to be 12volt. Wanting to keep my money as local as possible I started searching the electronics suppliers around my area for what I was after. The handle bar light is only 1.4 watt, 12 volt, to get burn time of around 4 hrs plus some reserve I only needed about a 1 Ah battery. The helmet light was 3 watt and therefore required a little more juice, something between 2 and 2.5Ah should do the trick.

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Manly Dam ride

Hey Eveyone,
I just wanted to ask if anyone was keen to ride Manly Dam this Saturday. I'll be riding with my twin brother. I might ride 2 loops but my brother will only ride 1. Send me a message if you are keen to tag along.
P.S. Matt will have his camera, so we will be stopping to take movie of particular sections.
P.S.S. We will get there about 12:30PM. I'll give you more details if you send me a message.
hope to see you there.

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Cascades 8th Oct, @8am, photosession

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~~~~~*update below*~~~~~~

Was playing with my camera today, and came to the conclusion that I need to get some practise of photographing riders. I'd go with Liz and Justin at 3pm, except I have my 18th planned for that night, so I don't want to go riding a few hours before it starts.

What I propose is meeting at the Douglas St entrance, taking it slow down the single trail, and then down lower Cambourne, and i'll leave whoever comes there (I need to do a lot of study, so I dont want to be out for too long).

Meet: cascades, Douglas St, near Akron Oval
Time: 8am

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g'day everyone


Just joined the forum. Thought I'd say hello. Am on a few other forums as well. Am currently just getting back on the bike after a lay off due to injury. Hope to come along on a ride sometime.

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New to Site and Beginner

Hi there
My name is Nat.. I haven't had my bike for long and have only done a couple of rides.. Am keen to ride on Sundays and not really sure where to start and what is around for beginners.

Nat Smiling

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Sunday "Lurkers" Ride

I have to work Saturday but am keen to go out Sunday – would prefer either early morning or late afternoon as it’s supposed to be warm...I am keen to go anywhere – except Cascades, even though hills are my friend (as is speed) I don’t fancy those ones...!!!

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What to buy as 2nd MTBike?

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Hi there!! I have been hitting the trails for a year now with a Trek 3700 ( I feel it is time to move forward and use it to commute only. My budget is $2500 max. including new helmet and shoes. I wonder if it is worthy the full suspension or the lighter models. Add shoeclips? Hidraulic brakes? Adjustable suspension? Remember, we add one thing but remove another to keep the budget! I don't race. I rather take the down hills slow no stopping than fast with a crash half way down. More important I want something to go up as weel as down.
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Sat 23rd Sept Cascades 3pm

Hi all,

Justin and I are doing Cascades at 3pm Saturday (the morning ride got bumped for a photographic session in the cemetary ... go figure). Post here or call Justin on 0419 611 681 if you want to join us. We will be starting at the Wyatt St entrance.



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Thursday Night Ride

This Thursday night meet at Terry Hills, street beside Japanese school, park at the end under the lights, same as last time about 7ish.

If noone responds, Rob and I will probably change this to Cascades. Happy to do Cascades instead but if you want to do this with me then be prepared to hang around at the top of the hills, understand?

Cheers all.


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Hello new member

Hello Im Michael

nice to me you all Im from Hong Kong. Im mainly ride downhill

I always check on this site about the trail.

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Hi I'm new here

G'day all,
Im new to this site, only found out about it today,
Anyway, ive just moved over to Manly,
I ride heaps,Mostly XC (as im to old for this xtreme free ride stuff).
like doing the endurance races 8 12 24hr races,
keen to go for a pedal anytime.
will stay tuned to see whos going riding and where.

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A bit about me (me being Speedy)

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Hey everyone, Just incase you are wondering, I made a mistake when siging up so I actual have 2 accounts, this one and the "Reed" username. so don't both with the Reed account because I'm leaving it.
But yeah. I am just completeting my HSC in late October so I will be riding Lizzard rock regularly on November. If anyone know anyone else who is looking to by a GT ruckus, I'm going to seel mine and get a Ironhorse Yakuza Aniki, The GT is the 2005 model but it has a nine gear cassette instead of an 8 gear cassette.
So yeah if anyone one what to go down Lizzard rock on any saturday then just give me an sms on my mobile.

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Mid-week ride

Hi guys,

Was wondering if anyone is interested in a mid-week ride, possibly Thurs 21st. I'm fairly new to Sydney and so far have only ridden Royal National Park and Terrey Hills- so anywhere new would be good. I would love to have a crack at Manly Dam, but understand it is probably closed at the moment.
Anyway, please drop me a line if keen,


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Ourimbah State Forest - Sat 23rd 10am

Hi People,

After my first experience riding with Rob this weekend I learned that a few of you are interested in hitting up Ourimbah state forest again sometime soon. I am planning on going out next Sat the 23rd for a few laps on the xc course.

Should be a great ride if the weather holds up.

I was thinking of meeting at about 10am at Ourimbah on Red Hill Rd.

If your not familiar on how to get there follow the link.

Hope to see you there.



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