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Sunday 17th September - Cascades

Meet Ralston ave. 8:30 start!

Give me a call if any Q's

0419 611 681

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Woodford to Glenbrook Howl

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Well after the success of the last, and first, group night ride I 've set my sights on something a little more adventurous.

I know this is a few weeks off yet but thought some of you with a social life might need some time to clear the calendar. The next full moon just happens to fall on a Saturday night, 7th of October to be precise. Thought this might be a really good opportunity to ride Woodford to Glenbrook under the light of that not so biggish white thing in the night sky.

From memory this is normally about a 2hr ride, so I would expect about three at night( happy to stand corrected if anyone has a better idea) Given that alot of this trail is considerably more open than TH I would suspect it is another good opportunity to test Christines theory about ridding with no lights (no I won't be attempting this). Assuming this to be the case and given that a couple of us rode last week with little better than "commuter lights" I don't think you would need anything overly fancy to join us if you are game. As for last time though this should be a decision only you can make. I guess I'm trying to say if you want to come but don't have a professional set of lights, still feel free to join us.

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Sat 16th 8:30am ride West Head

For those who don't want to WASTE the day in bed!(Rob)
Meet at Towlers Bay carpark at 8:30am.
Trails will depend on who turns up.

C U there

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Sat 16 Sep - Late ride?

Well, I really can't face an early morning this Saturday (read: "I really need to sleep in once every few months ;)")... anyone feel like a later thing, either mid morning (10-ish?) or early arvo (1-ish?)?

Somewhere cruisy, perhaps Cascades? Although open to suggestions. Also, if no-one replies and the day is nice it's quiet likely that a trip up to West Head is on the cards.

Of course, if it starts to rain again this will be off Sad


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Newbies @ Terrey Hills

FINALLY I have a couple of friends who claim they want to come riding so on Sunday at 8.30 I shall drag them down the Long Trail - this I expect will be a slow, social ride and everyone and anyone is welcome!
We will meet in Eurabba Road Duffys Forest (I shall have to refer to my Gregory's to give instructions as well as Stuart does!!!)


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New to Sydney

Hi guys- great site, just what I was looking for.

I am new to Sydney, and have just returned to mountain biking after a 15 year hiatus. I don't know anyone who rides, so would love to tag along with someone if they are keen for company. Keep in mind that I am an absolute beginner, and if I'm being honest with myself, pretty unfit. I work odd hours, so weekdays are usually better than weekends, but beggars can't be choosers. If interested, please drop me a line- phone or email.

In the meantime I will keep a lookout for beginner rides.

Cheers, Liam.

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Terry Hills East ride Sat 9th Sept.

Hi All
For those keen, meet at Terry Hills Shops at 8:30am this Sat.
Ride a new trail plus a combination of Duck Ponds & Central trails
with recovery at the local cafe after.
NOTE: If raining this ride will be cancelled.


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Hi there!

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So I just signed myself up and wanted to say that this sites a great resource, especially for those of us becoming more adventurous and riding farther afield (ie. riding addicts)
I have been riding fairly regularly of late and am keen for more as the weather is now perfect!
Will be watching the rides the and information posted as I am always keen to get amongst it!
My recent rides include the Brindabella Challenge 2005 in Canberra ....the Oaks x2 this year, Ourimbah 1 lap and Arcadia 2 1/2 laps and the "Gorge" (part of a commute from CastleHill to Hornsby)

Having bought a new bike only 4 months ago I am loving mountain biking more than ever!

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Hi Everyone

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Hi there
First of all...great website you guys have here. The Google Earth maps are fantastic!

Well I'm Ben and I recently decided to get into mountain biking for a bit of fun and fitness. I've got myself a new Giant Alias and am keen to get out and learn a bit. Unfortunately I can't ride for a while as I hurt my arm at Oxford Falls a week ago but I'm keen to get back on when the doc gives me the thumbs up. I go watch my mate fly his helicopter at the club down at Oxford Falls so I've probably seen a few of you pass by in the past.

I live in Turramurra so I'll likely be getting the hang of things down at Bobbin Head and then maybe at the Cascades in St Ives.

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Sun 3rd - Quickie?

Can't do much tomorrow (erm... Sunday), but fancy a blast round the dam, anyone game?

8:30am. Meet corner of King/Arana. Reply if you're keen and I'll show for sure (otherwise it's a bit tentative at this stage).



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Oxford Falls & Red Hill on 1/9

I am free tomorrow (1/9) afternoon(13Hs or so). I thought of going to Oxford Falls & Red Hill for some single traks. Someone interested?

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Ladies and Gentleman, and I use that term loosely, start Howling

Terry Hills night ride under a full moon.

Meet 7pm, 7th September

No shaving required.

Christine also reckons no lights required although Pikey, the only one game enough to test that theory last month, believes lights would be a good idea, I would tend to agree. (Greg you might won't to swap to a 30 or 40 watt fitting to give you a long enough burn time, otherwise the seeds won't grow)

Lets hope the werewolfs don't get scared off by a couple of clouds like they did last month.

Heres to a howling good time

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The Oaks - Saturday 2 Sept AM

Thought I would venture out a little further on Sat with a couple of mates and do The Oaks/Nepean Lookout . I have not ridden out there so thought it was about time as is on my doorstep. Plan would be to head up to Glenbrook and catch the 10.22 train to Woodford (may go out to 11.22)

Haven't really planned it out yet so time may vary slightly. Also weather dependent as I can't be bothered if its wet

Not going for technical stuff just fun and fast firetrails. Open to suggestions to extend but not doing the long distances.


Guess it means that a Friday session is out then (well maybe not)- damn.

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Sat 2 Sep - Beginners

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I think Pratiwi & I will be doing some more beginner type stuff this Saturday (Sep 2nd). Given the usual outing of this type is to Terrey Hills, thought a change was in order. To that end...

Where: Oxford Falls (meet second sharp bend in Morgan Road, top of the hill where there's parking)
When: Saturday 2nd September, 9am
What: Five Mile Creek + Slippery Dip + Morgan Road fire trails

The three trails mentioned are all very easy going (ie. not technical) but do have some climbs, all are welcome to join on what will be a slow paced ride.

See you there?

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Penrose/Wingello state forests

To: anyone interested in the Highland Fling - full or half fling

Any one keen to go for a ride in Penrose/Wingello state forests sometime soon (in the next few weeks) in preparation for the Fling?

Or do something similar distance (no! not just do 3 laps of Terry Hills)

I am keen



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Oxford Falls - Sun 8.30am

Sun 27 Aug, 830am. Meet at corner of Morgan Rd. Downhill, Nursery Rhymes, Power lines, Deep Creek and back. No go if raining.

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Angkor Wat Bike Tour

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Dear NobMob,

Join bike advocates for the first Angkor Wat Bike Tour and win a free trip to Cambodia!

Bikers from all over the world will gather to experience the stunning Angkor Wat ancient temple ruins while supporting Village Focus International (, a non-governmental organization working in Southeast Asia. I hope your group's members will consider attending. The participant who raises the most sponsorships will win a round-trip ticket to the event.

The 80 km course will give participants a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see the temples as they once were, free of the traffic of the 750,000 tourists who now visit annually. Participants can expect to be joined only by the locals living in the forests around the temples, who will be cheering the bikers along.

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Manly Dam Saturday 26th August 8.30am

Christine has posted a ride in the One-off Rides section for tomorrow at Manly Dam... just thought I would put it in here as well in case anyone missed it.

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Cascades Sunday 27th August 9.00am

Anyone up for a ride at cascades Sunday morning? Meet at Douglas Ave.

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Sparrow Hill?

There was quiet some discussion going on about Sparrow Hill here... that thread has been moved below, which started by Paul:

Bernd mentioned the Sparrow Hill near Canberra was also a great place to ride – anyone up for a day trip sometime in the future? From the sound of it, Sparrow is lots of singletrack like Ourimbah, but amongst the pine cones. Works for me.



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Manly Dam Anyone?

I am still keen to try Manly Dam but with a guide so I don't get lost - if anyone is going there and doesn't mind my tagging along that would be excellent! Any time either day...(unless Manly win then not too early on Saturday - just joking!)


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GPS useability

Hi, Anyone that can give me some help please getting my Garmin Foretrex210 to talk to the PC to set up some rides on this site. Don't know if its the serial connection or the unit that's not working.

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Snakes are waking up

Ran over a red-belly black snake this morning at cascades - I saw it going for me - You're lucky I'm still here to post this!

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Weekend 19-20th those not going to Ourimbah..Local ride anyone?

Ok, anyone feel like a ride local this weekend?
Speak up if you have any thoughts on Saturday morning or Sunday morning and we can arrange from there?

Red Hill last weekend was very wet in places with some deep deep puddles. Overall it was a great ride on some new tracks I havent experienced before.


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Manly Dam Bike Track Open

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I'm relaying this message from the Rangers, if you have any questions please email them direct at the address below.

The bike trail at Manly Dam has re-opened.

Many thanks to all for keeping off the trail during this very wet period.


P.S. Don't forget the bike trail maintenance day at Manly Dam has been organised for Sunday 17th September 2006.

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