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Manly Dam Closed

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Updated - Aug 14

We've had a mail from the rangers this morning, "The dam is still closed for riding as there are some trouble spots that still have not dried out. We will be having discussions this week about the re-opening and will inform the riders..."

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but if this glorious weather keeps up perhaps it will be back on at the weekend.

See the comments on this post for details of how you can help out with the maintenance day at Manly Dam on September 17th.

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Sat 19 - Ourimbah

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Coming Saturday, the long awaited trip to Ourimbah is on as discussed: Day trip to Ourimbah?. See that thread for discussion, but seems time to play in the downhill area is the go, plus perhaps a further venture on some of the fire trail is a possibility (TBD on the day).

Meet 9am, North end of Red Hill Road as per the map here. You can clearly see the freeway turnoff from this view (which I believe is sign posted 'Wyong' - thx arpit). If you enter, "Red Hill Forest Rd, Ourimbah, New South Wales" into Whereis you should get decent directions.

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Manly Dam, Back on

Hey guys, I was wondering if Manly Dam was open yet as I was thinking of going down there for a ride sometime today.

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Mtb Frame


anyone got a old MTB Hardtail Frame, medium, with rack holes on the rear triangle ? Want to do some touring.


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Northern Beaches Epic

Has anybody else noticed this 5hr: 45min journey around our favourite local trails?

Is was posted a while back by our comrades at Manly Warringah MTB.

This would be a good training ride leading up to the Highland Fling.

Anybody keen to give it a go as the fling date gets closer?


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Photo magazine - potential MTB Shoot

Hi, amateur photo club I am a member of is looking for a piece on MTBing (probably more on how to take neat photos of people jumping off stuff etc).

This is just a heads up, please respond to this thread or send me a private message ('Justin') if you would like to be involved.

Update - this is where you ride around and we take photos. Be prepared to do stuff that will look good on camera. Even I am not sure what that is at this point

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Cascades on the 13th (Sunday)

I did a ride down the cascades a couple of weekends ago; I went down from Douglas street, up to Belrose via. Lower Camborne/Bare Creek, then up Quarry, then I crossed Mona Vale Rd, and went down a track that starts in the wild flower garden, it's incredibly steep (some places are steeper than the paved climbs up to Davidson), and is about double as long as Quarry (down and up), so I might do this again if anyone's up to it.

Meet at Douglas St entry, at 8:30am on Sunday 13th of Aug.

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moonlight ride anyone?

Wednesday night is a full moon and I didn't know if anyone would be interested in riding the perimeter by moonlight? We used to do it with the horses and it's magic - the moon is brighter in winter for some don't have to go out late - about six or seven for an hour...I can borrow a car for that one!!!


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This weekend 5-6 - damp but there is always someplace rideable??

Ok there has been a little rain this week but there is always someplace to ride that not too badly effected.
Terrey Hills last weekend was ok except for the start out behind the fire station however on the return we exited out to the road a little earlier.
So Terrey Hills may be the best option if the rain isnt too bad. Bernd it keen for Sunday.
Any takers Sat and or Sun??
0439495585 (new)

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How do you post photos in the gallery?

Anybody know how to post photos in the gallery?

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Anyone keen to ride this weekend 28-29?

Hi all,

Need to get out there and put in some kays.
Happy to ride anywhere.


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Highland Fling

One of my friends said he is doing the Highland Fling in, whilst I have no intention of riding 100ks I was wondering if anyone had been down or was going down - I believe they also have a 50k ride and thought I might go down and suss that out for trying it next year...however, I haven't heard of it before - any inside information would be great!
Thank you!


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Sunday 8.30am Cascades

Will be at cascades tomorrow morning if anyone wants to ride. 8.30 start at Douglas Street. Will assume noone is joining us unless I get a text message.
0412 174 282


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Group Ride this weekend

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I know its only Tuesday but was wondering if anyone was interested in a group ride either saturday arvo or Sunday morning this weekend.
Am open for suggestions re location although with the amount of rain we have had and showers forecast now on and off for the rest of the week I think we could rule out a few spots. Manly Dam was still wet last Thursday, I suspect that the "clay" mitch spoke about at Cascades won't be any better, maybe someone living a little closer can advise on this. I was at Terry Hills yesterday and they are in the process of grading the trail with what I suspect is the same as what was used at Cascades, ie far too much clay in the crushed sandstone, very wet and slippery.

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Saturday 15th July - Red Hill anyone?


Pretty new to the boards, but is anyone interested in a ride at Red Hill on Saturday? Morning or afternoon is fine with me.

I have ridden there a few times so I sort of know my way around – well, I’m sure I can find my way out....

Experience wise I’m intermediate at best, but do enjoy some of the drops.

Let me know.



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Sun 16 July - SUAR!

Just a quick one... looks like I will be joining the SUAR guys on Sunday morning. This is an insanely early start in Fiddletown and will be quiet a serious deal.

Appologies to miss out on any local festivities, there might be something gentle planned on Saturday but I'm leaving that post to Justin Eye-wink



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Jump track at Seaforth

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Hey guys, well this is my first post so I hope that I have done it right. I just wanted to tell some people about a huge jump park made up at Seforth. Me and my brother were riding there just this arvo.

The track is near Seaforth Public school in one of the side tracks. It is not that hard to spot the tracks however you have to follow them for a bit to be able to see the actuall course. (DO NOT DO THIS AT SPEED)Some these jumps are about 7-9 foot!! its hard to tell on the rough course.

Now you may ask why am I posting a topic on Dirt jumping on a Mountain Bike site? well the reason is that there are many smaller kickers which are more skill jumps which let you get a better feel for your bike and help with balance and coordination in those tight spots. That was the main reason that I thought that i would post this. It can be an assett when you are just about to drop down a 4-5 footer and you know that you are going to stay on your bike even if you do clip that root over there.

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West Head Sat 8th 8:30am

Meet at Towlers Bay car park at 8:30 am Sat.
Ride Salvation/Wallaroo trails then for those keen Towlers trail.
These trails should be drier than most due to good run-offs

C U There
Note: ride cancelled IF raining.

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Sat 8 July - Terrey Hills


I think Christine mentioned she might be doing TH/OF this weekend. Well, I'm throwing up the former as a preference.

Saturday 8 July, 9am. Meet at Terrey Hills Shops on Booralie Road.

This will be a slow-ish ride, along Perimeter/Long Trails (24Km firetrail) so don't be shy if you haven't been out there before. Read about Terrey Hills here.

We won't be there if it's raining on the day, but most of this drains well so don't worry about rain beforehand.

See you there Smiling

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Manly Dam

I would really like to do the Manly Dam ride but I don’t have a clue about it – I know everyone says you can’t get lost but I think I could – would anyone be at all interested in doing a ride there on the weekend?

MEEE Smiling

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Yellowmundee - Suitable for kids?

I'm planning to take the kids out to Yellowmundee tomorrow afternoon, but I haven't been there before. Is there anything suitable for kids? Mine are 11, 7 and 5 (the future athlete!). I've taken them on short rides before, not too technical, not too steep (up or down!) Should I go, or think of something else?


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Sunday - 2 July 2006. Morgan Rd. Downhill and cross country loop

Sun 2 July. 8.30am - meet Morgan Rd (carpark at bend in road).
Downhill and cross country.
no go if wet.
Peter 0405357460

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Sunday July 2nd

Anyone riding tomorrow morning, or anyone interested in a slowish lap of Manly early tomorrow morning, would like a 7 to 7.30 start?

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Six foot track epic in the name of fun

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Organisation has emerged from yesterdays discussion regarding a visit to the 6ft track.

Here is a ride to make legs hurt and guts vanish - All Welcome!

Date: Sunday 30th July

Time: If catching a train, meet at Blackheath at 8:05am (the 5:48 from Central station).

If driving, 9 o'clock at Old Ford Reserve. Located at the bottom of Megalong Road near (south of) the corner with Nellies Glen Road, It's at the bottom of the valley, a bit before packsaddlers. For Garmin nerds NPWS has provided this Lat/Long: 33.7315,150.2350

The Plan: From Megalong Valley to Jenolan and back (just under 40km each way). If there's a group of us then we may have to aim for a Mini Mini turnaround (around 20km each way) so we return before dark.

Best Mountain Bike