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Mountain Devils 6 Hr - June long weekend

Hi all,

Just got this email from Mountain Devils - I'll be away, otherwise would probably go for it - would be very much like a one day polaris challenge, loads of fun, remember it takes a lot of practice so if you are keen to start getting into MTB orienteering (e.g. Polaris) then this would be the event to do:

Uncle Sam needs you ...

Well, maybe not ... but Mountain Devils sure does.

Entries for the MDN 6Hr MTB Orienteering on the June Long Weekend are well below expectations. We need to get a lot more entries over the next week if we are to run the event.

As a reminder, the event is a pointscore event in native forest just south of Taree on the mid-north coast. The event area is huge, with the purpose made map covering 2 x A3 sheets on an scale of 1:25,000 - almost 4 times the area of our usual event maps. You will get a chance to ride on some great trails in State Forest and National Park (which are normally closed to events like this).

----------- and from the entry form -------------------

"A 6 Hr pointscore/cyclegaine event on mountain bikes in State Forest and National Park
on the NSW Mid-North Coast. This large area just south of Taree is mostly native forest with an extensive track network. The terrain is varied. Expect some challenging climbs and fast flowing downhills. Ideal training for Polaris, adventure racing and rogaining"

$30.00 per rider
Mountain Devils home page / OZ MTB-O homepage

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Home made riding lights

For those who are planning on building themselves a set of riding lights here is a handy site to gain a bit of info.

I've ridden Cascades twice and Manly Dam once with my home made 50 watt light (see photo's in the equipment section), so if anyone is up for a night ride midweek let us know.

Thursdays and Fridays are no good for me


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Sunday 28th Terry Hill 9.00am

Justin and I will be doing Terry Hills on Sunday... Will be doing the Perimeter Trail and the Long Track and return (about 2 hours) if anyone wants to join us. Meet at the Terry Hills shops.

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Mud bash-Cascades???

There is rain forecast for the weekend (finally), and I need to get out of the house. So, I propose a mud bash at the cascades. I'll be riding from about 8:30 on Saturday, starting at douglas st entry (the firetrail, not single trail), heading straight down, turning down bear creek, up to the power station, then i'll be going back same way, and up lower camborne, but if who ever comes wants to go down the downhill section (as it is labelled), that is totally fine with me.

look foward to seeing someone there.

P.S. it'll go ahead rain, hail, or shine. (maybe not hail though)

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New bike path proposed for Kent st in the City

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Thought this might interest some people who commute into the city:

The following is sent to you for your general information on the problems facing cycling and triathlon in NSW

This incentive allows a great advocacy opportunity and it will only take a few minutes of your time. That time however could / will make a whole lot of difference for the whole population for a very long time ... for details of what, why, how and by when read the rest of the information on this email ...

As a cyclist most of you will apprecitate a moment to lend your support to this fantastic, health-promoting infrastructure project, and circulate it to others who could do the same.

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Sun 21 - Manly Dam

There is also a tentative ride planned on Sunday at Manly Dam for the usual fun:

Where: Manly Dam. Meet corner of King/Arana, Manly Vale
When: 8:30am, Sun 21 May.

I think Justin is going here for sure, but I'm a tentative at this point.

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Sat 20th Cascades fitness ride

Hi all,
I am doing the Cascades tomorrow of anyone want to join me. Meet at the end of Wyatt RDat 9.00am and allow 2-2.5 hours.

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Airless tyres?

Any body heard or know anything about these airless tyres?

Greg (Pikey)

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Sat 20th - Red Hill

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Hi all,

This Saturday Greg, Jeff and I will be heading out to Red Hill. Open invite, all are welcome to join:

Where: Red Hill Reserve car park, off Lady Penryhn Drive, Beacon Hill.
When: 8:30am, Sat 20th May.

Don't be put off by what it says on the write up (which needs updating so I'd better try and get my bearings around here!). This will NOT be a XC or fitness related ride so we won't be doing many Ks and will be stopping regularly to practice skills over the sometimes rather technical terrain.

Greg say's it's a good oppotunity for newbies to learn how to handle roll offs and the like, but don't forget what his idea of a roll off is (something at least as high as your front wheel!). He also said, "I like the idea of being a teacher (Ha Ha)" so be afraid! Eye-wink

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Last minute ride on cascades on Sunday 14th May

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I plan on going for a ride down the cascades in St Ives tomorrow. I will be leaving from Douglas St (the fire tral, not the single trail), and will be riding up to the power station in Davidson, and back (obviously). I plan to leave at around 8:45am. My skill level is probably about average.

So yeh, anyone is welcome. I will not be expecting anyone if no-one posts here, so post here if you intend to come. I will check before I leave. I will wait around 5-10min.

It will proceed weather permitting.

Sorry for being so last minute, but yeh, I need a break from work, and I did lots today, so i need a break.

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Sat 13th New trail Terry Hills EAST

NEW trail !!! for experienced riders!
Meet at 8:45am Sat 13th Terry Hills Shops
Ride cancelled IF raining.
C U there


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Beginners at Terrey Hills Saturday

Kristina and I will be leaving Terrey Hills shops at 8.30 on Saturday if anyone else fancies a beginners one - this is the ride we were going to do last week...
anyone who wants to come is welcome to join us!

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Pushing Higher

Spotted this today and wanted to share, amazing:

This guy is part of the expedition.

"In the first two weeks of June this year Jimmy Goddard and Darol Kubacz (both paraplegics) will attempt to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania in specialist arm powered hand-bikes."

Good on 'em and good luck!

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Save Belrose

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This morning whilst with our horses at the beginning of Cascades we met a lady who is on the committee trying to save Belrose from being developed into netball courts and houses - they want to take the top area where you ride in and also partway down Heath Track...they keep changing the amount of hectares - upwards of course!
If I find out more information and post it on the site along with a letter to be sent to the Council to oppose this would you all be interested in objecting? My sister runs marathons and they train down there too - we think everyone who does outside sports needs to band

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Beginners Saturday 6th May and Sunday 7th May

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Hi all,

I am planning semi-beginners rides for this Sat and Sunday.

Saturday 6th May Cascades - start 8.30am meet at the end of Wyatt St, Belrose. This will be about 2.5 hours and will require some fitness as there are some VERY BIG HILLS (be warned!). But not to worry. You can always walk up the big hills and it will help increase your fitness. This is mostly fire-trail and not very technical although there are some slippery/slidey rocky sections downhill and some loose sand here and there (but not as much as terry Hills).

Sunday 7th May Terry Hills - For those of you who didn't quite get enough of the sand last week, I thought I would go out and give Terry Hills another go. Meet at 8.30am at the Terry Hills shops. This ride is also about 2 hours and most of you know what you are up for.

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Barrington Tops?

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So... someone asked me about Barrington Tops today. They mentioned there was some 32Km downhill section!

Did a little bit of searching for cycling here but with no joy - does anyone know anything about this area?

Anyhow, I had a mess about with a few maps, and don't know about 32Km but there is a road marked (probably dirt) that runs right up to very near the top of the Barrington plateau (or whatever we're calling it). From the end of here at 1502m altitude there's one marked Kholwha Trail that runs East and in 13Km (as the crow flys, more of course with twists) it drops to 411m alt. Niiiiiiice!

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First Suspension Bike

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To answer questions about - what should my first MTB be?

Some simple guidelines.
- You may find you don't enjoy MTB after a few months - so don't over-invest! After a couple of seasons, you will have the bug and be ready to hit the big-time Smiling
- To keep the cost down, your first bike should probably be a hardtail (front-suspension only)
- Don't even consider bikes from Kmart etc, go to a bike store.
- We've all bought bikes from Bike Addiction, Supreme Cycles, Learsport
- 24 or 27 gears

What sort of price range for the first MTB?
- Unfortunately for a bike that will last you for a few years off-road, you will have to spend around $500. Anything less will be more likely to wear quickly, not have the range of gears, and not have very good suspension.

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If you head down Bibbenluke

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If you head down Bibbenluke Track, insead of going straight down to the water you can take the track to the left, it goes down the hill and across a creek (when the weather is good) although there are big flat rocks so its nice, then up the hill where you will come out behind the Duffy's Forest Bush Fire Brigade - to the left is the way back out to the road - you will have the public horse arena on your right.

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Murrua Walking track in Nth Turramurra

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Just wondering if anyone else knew about this track? It is at the end of Murrua Rd (just off Bobbin Head Rd, on the roundabout just before the NP). It is a very fast track, which is for the most part flat, until the end where it is a steep, rocky downhill for about .5km (don't quote me). At the start it forks; one way has a bit of a wooden bridge (don't know if you can call it that) and is very rocky, quite technical, but very fast trail that joinds back to the main trail after most of the undulations, the other way is the main fire trail, and is subject to a few steep undulations. The maintrail is very wide, and mostly clear of big rocks. At the end of the fire trail there is a mains power line tower. Just behind it is a small single trail, take that, and at the end there is a nice rock to sit on and watch Bobbin Head, which you have a good view of.

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ANZAC day option 2

Hi All,

Got a buddy out from the USA who is keen to come out for a ride with us.

Will be doing a Manly Dam run on Tuesday at 8:30am. Will be a medium paced ride.
Meet at King and Orana by the hydraulics lab.

Please feel welcome to join us


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Sat 22nd Ride @ Red Hill

For those who are keen, how about a little Down Hilling at Red Hill? (Greg)
Have found a couple of new tracks to try !!!
Meet @ top of Lady Penrhyn Drive (UBD map177 2F)
8:30am Sat 22nd


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Sunday 23? Royal National Park?

I won't be riding this Saturday, but anyone else up for something Sunday? I mean, aside from Stuart's usual crazy too early thing? Erm... sorry Stuart Eye-wink

I have to drop down to Alexandria early so figure, why not keep on going and do a trip round the Royal NP?

Any takers?

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Anzac Day

Anyone planning any rides for Anzac Day?

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Early Option Sunday 23rd

I'll be at Morgan Rd for Moon Rock, XC Loop and possibly Nursery Rhymes meeting at 6.30 for 6.45 start if anyone is interested in an early ride this Sunday

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First Time NobMober ride - Sat 29th April

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Saturday 29th April.

Update: Terrey Hills it is!

Terrey Hills:
Meet at the Terrey Hills shops, we usually park on Dandenong Rd which is just off Booralie Rd (check
You can find more information on the Terrey Hills ride at
I am planning to do the perimeter trail, out and back on the long trail then back to the shops via the perimeter trail (you can go back on the road, but this is mountain biking, people!)
There are some hills, but this is a generally 'undulating' ride and follows the ridge-top mainly so there are no massive ups and downs except for a couple of hills at the start.

Best Mountain Bike