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First Suspension Bike

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To answer questions about - what should my first MTB be?

Some simple guidelines.
- You may find you don't enjoy MTB after a few months - so don't over-invest! After a couple of seasons, you will have the bug and be ready to hit the big-time Smiling
- To keep the cost down, your first bike should probably be a hardtail (front-suspension only)
- Don't even consider bikes from Kmart etc, go to a bike store.
- We've all bought bikes from Bike Addiction, Supreme Cycles, Learsport
- 24 or 27 gears

What sort of price range for the first MTB?
- Unfortunately for a bike that will last you for a few years off-road, you will have to spend around $500. Anything less will be more likely to wear quickly, not have the range of gears, and not have very good suspension.

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If you head down Bibbenluke

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If you head down Bibbenluke Track, insead of going straight down to the water you can take the track to the left, it goes down the hill and across a creek (when the weather is good) although there are big flat rocks so its nice, then up the hill where you will come out behind the Duffy's Forest Bush Fire Brigade - to the left is the way back out to the road - you will have the public horse arena on your right.

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Murrua Walking track in Nth Turramurra

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Just wondering if anyone else knew about this track? It is at the end of Murrua Rd (just off Bobbin Head Rd, on the roundabout just before the NP). It is a very fast track, which is for the most part flat, until the end where it is a steep, rocky downhill for about .5km (don't quote me). At the start it forks; one way has a bit of a wooden bridge (don't know if you can call it that) and is very rocky, quite technical, but very fast trail that joinds back to the main trail after most of the undulations, the other way is the main fire trail, and is subject to a few steep undulations. The maintrail is very wide, and mostly clear of big rocks. At the end of the fire trail there is a mains power line tower. Just behind it is a small single trail, take that, and at the end there is a nice rock to sit on and watch Bobbin Head, which you have a good view of.

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ANZAC day option 2

Hi All,

Got a buddy out from the USA who is keen to come out for a ride with us.

Will be doing a Manly Dam run on Tuesday at 8:30am. Will be a medium paced ride.
Meet at King and Orana by the hydraulics lab.

Please feel welcome to join us


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Sat 22nd Ride @ Red Hill

For those who are keen, how about a little Down Hilling at Red Hill? (Greg)
Have found a couple of new tracks to try !!!
Meet @ top of Lady Penrhyn Drive (UBD map177 2F)
8:30am Sat 22nd


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Sunday 23? Royal National Park?

I won't be riding this Saturday, but anyone else up for something Sunday? I mean, aside from Stuart's usual crazy too early thing? Erm... sorry Stuart Eye-wink

I have to drop down to Alexandria early so figure, why not keep on going and do a trip round the Royal NP?

Any takers?

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Anzac Day

Anyone planning any rides for Anzac Day?

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Early Option Sunday 23rd

I'll be at Morgan Rd for Moon Rock, XC Loop and possibly Nursery Rhymes meeting at 6.30 for 6.45 start if anyone is interested in an early ride this Sunday

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First Time NobMober ride - Sat 29th April

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Saturday 29th April.

Update: Terrey Hills it is!

Terrey Hills:
Meet at the Terrey Hills shops, we usually park on Dandenong Rd which is just off Booralie Rd (check
You can find more information on the Terrey Hills ride at
I am planning to do the perimeter trail, out and back on the long trail then back to the shops via the perimeter trail (you can go back on the road, but this is mountain biking, people!)
There are some hills, but this is a generally 'undulating' ride and follows the ridge-top mainly so there are no massive ups and downs except for a couple of hills at the start.

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terrey hills

I was reading your site the other day and saw you did a ride from Terrey Hills shops down to Duffys Forest and back, I didn't know if you knew you don't have to go back the same way but can go down Killawarra Road where there is a trail called The takes you through to Cooyong Road, you can then go up there to get back to the shops or on another link which takes you out near Kinma School...
If anyone needs better directions I can give them but I suspect you already know the way - it just makes a nice loop.


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What do the colours mean

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Just found you guys on a google search, when researching Manly Dam. I'm pretty much a beginner rider, and today I attempted the Quarry track on the Cascades labyrinth. I went at it from down in the valley up (not the best way to take it), and found it incredibly difficult (I also got lost at the recycling depot-did you know you can see the city if you take th wrong turn-right intead of left-at the top of the trail), but I managed, and I still have all four limbs in working order. So i was wondering if there is a link to a key of what the colours mean on the google earth overlays, or would someone care to explain what they refer to.

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Easter Riding

Anyone hanging around over the Easter period and looking for some local rides, not necessarily at 6.30am?

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Road Trip 2/5/06 to 7/5/06

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Yes I know this clashes with Dirtworks but thought I would post it anyway.

Bernd, David F. and I are heading south for a week long mountain biking road trip. The intention at the moment is to leave Sydney Tuesday morning, probably around 4am reaching Beechworth by around lunchtime. Stay and ride around Beechworth until either Thursday arvo or Friday morning. Only real rides earmarked at the moment are a cruise along the rail trail and lots of time at Beechworth MTB park, Welcome any advice on trails worthy of riding in this area.

Thursday arvo or Friday morning we head over to Perisher (very cheap accomodation option for us) via Thredbo. Intend to ride some of the xc trails around Thredbo presuming there is not to much snow on the ground. Again we welcome any advise on trails worth riding around here. Will spend some time riding around Jindy, particularly east of the dam.

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8/9th April rides

Saturday 08:30 - Cascades - Meet far end of Wyatt Ave (turn left where Morgan rd is to the right)

Sunday 09:00 - Oaks + Nepean + Helenas 09:00 meet at Glenbrook station - ride up to Nepean lookout, then up the Oaks trail to the Helenas turnoff and back down the Helenas track to Glenbrook, finishing probably by 1pm. The Purdy Gang will meet us coming down the trail and do Helena's trail with us.

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five mile creek

Hello, I just found you all on the net and joined. I am really a horse rider who tries on my bike. I was wondering if anyone had done the Five Mile Creek ride and if it goes off of Hilversum Cres and if so... is it hard and can you go around in a loop?
Thank you!


ps we think the maps are fantastic - is there one coming for Red Hill?

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Early Ride Sunday 9th

Anyone interested in an early, shorter ride Sunday morning, I will be at Morgan Rd 6.30 for a 6.45 start. Probably do XC with side trips and then Moon Rock.

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Oaks plus side trips

With only 4 weekends 'til the Dirtworks it's time to get into gear for some long rides. Don't know about anything else, but would like to do at least one trip to The Oaks and add in a couple of side trips.

Was reading Fat Hippy's stuff last night (it's on the links page) and St Helena and Nepean Lookout sound the pick. Although St Helena raises the question of going out that way or doing it as an out and back.

Anyhow - please comment if you're interested, this will be a 50K+ and would ideally want to try it on April (pick one) 8/9/29/30.

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Saturday 1 April

I was going to suggest Cascades on Saturday.

Bernd & Stuart will be there _early_ on Sunday (when I won't be riding) so could this still a goer? Failing that perhaps Morgan Road minus any climbs that will make my chain slip (still waiting for those parts... Grrrrrr!).

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Sunday Ride

Sunday, 2-4-06 @ Cascades/St. Ives 7am for 7-15 Start
with Stuart and possible 2 other.

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Beginner ride - Interested?

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I'd like to organise a beginner / lurker ride - probably manly dam or Terry hills.

This would be a gentle, easy pace, with regular stops for everybody to catch-up and bail out options. Probably not suitable for the mega-fit or regular riders, the point of this ride is take it easy (manly dam in 1.5-2hours)

This stems from me thinking I would like to see some of the folks on this forum!

What do you think? Maybe organise at a more convenient time eg. 10:30 sunday morning this week or next?

Respond to this message in the forum with your preference for time / date / place - once I get enough interest I'll set it up.

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nzo 24 hour this weekend

Anybody keen???

Big commitment!

Let me know!

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Saturday 25th - any takers?

Hey I am up for a ride on Saturday.
Have an appointment in the morning so looking for riders for a lunchtime/early afternoon ride.
Probably 2 hours worth of riding....


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Easter Riding

Several of the crew are heading off into the mountains for easter riding.
Have fun Dave and crew whom are off to Thredbo for a week over easter.

Michelle and I are having Justin and Liz, Paul Boxal and family down to our lodge in falls creek for a week in Easter moutain bike riding falls creek and Mount Beauty. Mount beuty is famous for its great cross country riding and is a regular host to the asutralian championships.

We will have fun lifts are open all weekend $10 with bike racks

will send a report on this.

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Terry Hills Sunday 8.30am 26th March

anyone up for Terry Hills this Sunday??


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Leather saddles?

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It didn't take me long (for my next great idea)

Leather saddles - have a look at:

I like the look of the swift. Not sure about the sprung saddles, I've got suspension already.

Check out Sheldon Brown's views:

Although the brooks saddle is not actually much heavier than an average plastic saddle.

Sheldon Brown actually has an alternative saddle he makes and supplies himself, for real men...

Any thoughts? Would anyone rather

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