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Early Ride Sunday 9th

Anyone interested in an early, shorter ride Sunday morning, I will be at Morgan Rd 6.30 for a 6.45 start. Probably do XC with side trips and then Moon Rock.

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Oaks plus side trips

With only 4 weekends 'til the Dirtworks it's time to get into gear for some long rides. Don't know about anything else, but would like to do at least one trip to The Oaks and add in a couple of side trips.

Was reading Fat Hippy's stuff last night (it's on the links page) and St Helena and Nepean Lookout sound the pick. Although St Helena raises the question of going out that way or doing it as an out and back.

Anyhow - please comment if you're interested, this will be a 50K+ and would ideally want to try it on April (pick one) 8/9/29/30.

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Saturday 1 April

I was going to suggest Cascades on Saturday.

Bernd & Stuart will be there _early_ on Sunday (when I won't be riding) so could this still a goer? Failing that perhaps Morgan Road minus any climbs that will make my chain slip (still waiting for those parts... Grrrrrr!).

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Sunday Ride

Sunday, 2-4-06 @ Cascades/St. Ives 7am for 7-15 Start
with Stuart and possible 2 other.

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Beginner ride - Interested?

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I'd like to organise a beginner / lurker ride - probably manly dam or Terry hills.

This would be a gentle, easy pace, with regular stops for everybody to catch-up and bail out options. Probably not suitable for the mega-fit or regular riders, the point of this ride is take it easy (manly dam in 1.5-2hours)

This stems from me thinking I would like to see some of the folks on this forum!

What do you think? Maybe organise at a more convenient time eg. 10:30 sunday morning this week or next?

Respond to this message in the forum with your preference for time / date / place - once I get enough interest I'll set it up.

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nzo 24 hour this weekend

Anybody keen???

Big commitment!

Let me know!

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Saturday 25th - any takers?

Hey I am up for a ride on Saturday.
Have an appointment in the morning so looking for riders for a lunchtime/early afternoon ride.
Probably 2 hours worth of riding....


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Easter Riding

Several of the crew are heading off into the mountains for easter riding.
Have fun Dave and crew whom are off to Thredbo for a week over easter.

Michelle and I are having Justin and Liz, Paul Boxal and family down to our lodge in falls creek for a week in Easter moutain bike riding falls creek and Mount Beauty. Mount beuty is famous for its great cross country riding and is a regular host to the asutralian championships.

We will have fun lifts are open all weekend $10 with bike racks

will send a report on this.

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Terry Hills Sunday 8.30am 26th March

anyone up for Terry Hills this Sunday??


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Leather saddles?

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It didn't take me long (for my next great idea)

Leather saddles - have a look at:

I like the look of the swift. Not sure about the sprung saddles, I've got suspension already.

Check out Sheldon Brown's views:

Although the brooks saddle is not actually much heavier than an average plastic saddle.

Sheldon Brown actually has an alternative saddle he makes and supplies himself, for real men...

Any thoughts? Would anyone rather

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Handlebar wrap - experimental bike techniques

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Warning, don't try this at home, only for the slightly MTB mad.

Ok, here's my experiment. I've got crappy OEM grips on my Reign, my hands are killing me. SO I spent $10 on some handlebar wrap (used for road bikes) as they were out of ODI lockons and the other grips were really bad.

I've just wrapped the grips with this and it's pretty interesting, I'm not going to be going on the Tour as the official handlebar wrapper anytime soon, but it does feel comfortable and there is no movement under the hand.

So... bets on how long this will last?

- next ride
- first ride in the rain
- un

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Terry Hills - Beyond Perimeter & Long

We managed to do almost exactly 20Km today (from the shops):

- Perimeter Trail
- Cullamine Trail
- Duffys Track

I reckon there's at least another 10Km to add with Booralie/Bibbenluke/Sandy tracks in this area. Have updated accordingly.


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Saturday 18 March Manly Dam

It's time for the classic - a loop (or two?) of Manly Dam on saturday morning.

08:30 start at the corner of King and Orana sts Manly Vale.

Contact me on the number below for any more info.

0419 611 681

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Sunday 19 March - Early ride at Terry Hills

Alternate ride for those with limited time - please contact Stuart at the contact details below if you are keen!

Sunday 6.30am for a 6.45am start
Terry Hills shops Booralie Rd
Probably 2 1/2 to 3 hrs
Relaxed pace cross-country . Perimeter track, Cullamine Road, and then onto
Duffy's Trail / Booralie Namba Trail and suss that out. Then back to the
shops the same way.
0412 174 282 DO NOT call before 6.15am

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alternative rides...

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== 2 of 3 ==
Date: Mon 13 Mar 2006 08:51
From: "Gavin Roache"


Greg is completly correct i have already spoken to Justin to make changes.

The majority of the key riders feel exactly the same.

will speak to you during the week/

there will be changes..



Good on you Robin for encouraging a bit of variety to the 'single pack mentality'.

Alternative groups wanting to improve on their much needed technical skills etc etc rather than slogging it out on the same old hills should be commended not discouraged.

Smaller groups tend not to 'tailgate' and wait herded up when a less skillful rider flounders on an 'obstacle' en route!!.

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Weekend 18/19 March

For this weekend, all I know is:

- It's Paddy's day Friday so Saturday morning I'll probably be riding the hangover trail Eye-wink
- I think Stuart is planning something around Terry Hills very early on Sunday which I might join.


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SBS Coverage of Nationals

"A whole hour of footage from this years National Championships will be televised on SBS, Sunday the 19th of Feb, at 11am.
It’ll also include a helmet cam run down the course with Junior Downhill World Champion Amiel Cavalier."

Info taken from Well worth a look for anyone at home not riding

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For Sale Cannondale F600

For Sale

Cannondale F600 Medium Hardtail, 2004, Headshock, XT. Excellent COndition

$1,400 ono Call Dave 0411102743

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Morgan Road, Power Lines

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Has anybody ridden "Power Lines" at Morgan Road recently, ie last six months. The Sydney Trails Book I have says it has some steep and progressively bigger shutes the further into the trail you go, but this review is atleast three years old. I am trying to gauge what it is like before I commit to it and the associated long uphill back out of it.

In case you have explored it without knowing its name, "Power Lines" comes off the main fire trail about half way between the carpark and the flying club fence. It drops off onto the the right side and its start also doubles as the start to nursery

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How about a helmet cam?

This seems quiet interesting... anyone game to build one? Eye-wink

I'm thinking a movie made flying down Cascades track from the oval could be interesting Laughing out loud

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!!! Sold !!! - 2004 Cannondale Gemini 2000

For sale - 2004 Cannondale Gemini 2000.

- sold -

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How to build a 1,024,000 mcd portable light

For anyone thinking about night riding this might be of interest:

How to build a 1,024,000 mcd portable light.

You've just built a bike light which is brighter than most car headlights and weighs in under two pounds with batteries.

Sounds good Smiling

Not sure how viable it is though, esp. reading the comments below the main article, but might be worth a look anyhow.

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Drink your oxygen... (I'd rather not)

There are a bunch of sports nutrition drinks out there with 'increased oxygen'...

Read this in case you are interested and definitely before you buy!

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Slippery Sand @ Terrey Hills

The track was quiet dry when we rode today, and parts had been sort of graded (some hills that were previously rocky were now mostly sandy).

The outcome of all this dry, and in places deep sand was that balance through the stuff made more of a difference to our pace than usual. Actually, it was very deep in some corners and great care was required so as to not repeat the experience of my last outing here (took a roll in the sandpit that was one corner for that very reason).

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Nutrition for endurance events

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With the Highland Fling just around the corner thought I would post some information about nutrition. I am guessing most people will be looking at completing this event in 5-7hrs so you probably burn around serious energy during the day and if you don't get it right you may run out of juice before the finish line.

Your body gets energy from two main energy systems:


Now depending on the intensity of the exercise depends on the percentage of each system it is using to get the energy from. As intensity does up it swings in favour of anaerobic and as intensity decreases, it moves towards aerobic.

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