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Big climbs / descents

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I recently drove across the Barrington Tops from Gloucester to Scone. On the Scone side is a magnificent bit of farm road dropping over 800m down to Moonan Flat in just over 11 kms. Had a look at Strava and the climb is in there as a segment with a 7% average gradient and a ridiculous KOM time (from my perspective anyway). There is an even longer version continuing on up to Polblue picnic area in the NP which takes the distance up to 21 km and elevation up to 1060m at an average of 5%. The NP section is a fairly rocky road base where a smooth line might be hard to find.

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Andos, bedford ck

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Wondering if anyone been down on the Andos since the rains and have an idea if bedford ck is ok.
I might head down there tomorrow and thought I better check...


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Hassans Walls Plan of Management. Draft Plan of Management now open for pulic comment

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.
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as per title

I haven't had as chance to read it all yet but a quick skim seems pretty positive

Of what I picked up so far as mountain bikes go
Good points:
They did away with the one way road idea.
Pony express trail to stay
Recreational trail management system recommended

Points of caution:
Rezoning a portion from community use to bushland. I'm not sure what impact that will have, I need to read it closer.

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Rear tyre almost rolling off rim.

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

I'm having problems with rear tyres coming close to rolling off the rim on my 27.5 Anthem.
I'm running Stans Arch EX rims, and used to run a snakeskin Racing Ralph 2.25, but due to this problem I've recently changed to an Ardent EXO TR 2.25 on the rear.
During high grip hard cornering off the brakes, the tyre rolls to the point where it is about to burp, but doesn't burp. All grip is lost for a second or so.
It happens most rides, tyre pressure is always between 30 to 35psi, running tubeless with stans sealant.

Any ideas?
More pressure?
Wider rim?


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Wet weather trails

Wondering where to ride tomorrow given wet weather - any good fire trails in the North? Or thinking Gahnia and Serrata might be OK as I recall they are all rock?

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The Future of OMV - Hornsby Council Stakeholder Meeting

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Last night (Thursday), 7 other mountain bikers and I met with several Hornsby Councillors as part of the latter's consultation process of the future of Hornsby Park and how the land could be best used for.

So, what’s going on?

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3rd Rider wanted for 7hr at Glenrock

Hey all,

We're chasing a 3rd rider for the RockyTrail 7hr at Glenrock in a couple of weeks.

We'll be looking to go pretty quick and are looking for someone at a similar level, but also just there for fun and to have a good race. If you're keen to have a crack, let me know.

If we can't find anyone, we'll probably just stick with pairs and see how we go.


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Canberra Centenary Trail

I'm going to be riding the Canberra Centenary Trail mid next month, exact date TBA. If anyone is interested in joining me please let me know and what dates suit.

Here's a link to trail info:

I'll be departing from the Tuggeranong end of the trail.


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Next outdoor adventure

Hi fellow Nobmobbers. I came across this the other day and if any of you out there are in pursuit of further outdoor activities then this might be your cup of tea. Looks like some pretty interesting, limit pushing type of stuff out there

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Port to Port MTB Stage Race - Entry giveaway here!

Entries now closed!

Win a complimentary ride entry into the 2017 Port to Port MTB race, May 25 - 28, valued at $440!

Port to Port MTB is one of the nation’s premium MTB stage races. A chance to experience some of the incredible tracks and trails we have in our backyard. OK - well, Newcastle's backyard, but it's not that far Eye-wink

The kind folks at Port to Port MTB Stage Race have given us a complimentary entry into this year's event to do with as we please.

While they suggest this could be auctioned off or used personally by an admin fairy I thought a more appropriate use would be to simply offer this entry to the community in a lottery.

If you would like to take part in this lottery simply comment (once or more, but multiple comments will not increase your chance of winning) on this thread before midnight on Sunday 23 April 2017 (AEST). The winner will be chosen at random the following day to give them plenty of time to register. NB: public registrations close May 23 so if you don't win but will still like to enter there's plenty of chance to do so.

NB: This is a multi-day MTB stage race. Please be sure you are able to complete the course and are able to meet other logistical requirements (transport, accommodation, meals and other incidentals are NOT included) before entering.

See the attached Ts&Cs from the event organiser.

... and good luck! Smiling

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Erskin ridge FT gpx

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Hi All,

Been out riding Tableland road and saw this 30km offshoot near the end: Erskin ridge FT, goes all the way to Warragamba. Would love to see the elevation profile. I'm guessing - especially with all that corrugation on Tableland - it'd be a pretty huge day of approx 90km...

Anyway, just thinking..., if you have a gpx, pls share!

Thanks a bunch!

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The Last Mont

After a late rush toward the entry system last week, we are happy to confirm the The Mont 24 Hour MTB Race is on for 2017. We have however decided that this will be the final Mont 24.

We want to see this iconic event out in fine style and in fine company (Yours). Join us! If you missed cut-off for entries, you are able to enter for one more week.
Ride the Kow in 2017! ENTER HERE

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Oaks dingo?

Rode the Oaks about 7 this morning
Saw what looked like a dingo at the gate
Anyone seen same at BMNP?

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Cape Epic 2017 - Nobmobbers...

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Hi all.
Whilst we all have various ways of keeping in touch and communicating these days, this site stills holds great community value and it is (even those on the other 'sister' sites) a relatively small group of web-based friends.

This year, there are a few Nobmobbers (and maybe some others I don't know about) heading over to Cape Town to race the Cape Epic.
Wayne (Dicko on here) Dickinson is teaming up with Mike(Blades) Faretta under the SXC / EXC banner. THey have been training the house down so will go well I am sure.

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The Oaks Single Track Status?

Does anyone know what the current status is with the Oaks Single track? I recall part of it being closed due to asbestos a while back?

How is the trail running from top to bottom at the moment?


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Great guide to buying a mountain bike

This is the best guide I have seen about choosing which bike is right for you

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Rockshox Reba Pushloc to Crown Manual lockout

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Hi, I currently have a Handlebar Pushloc fitted to my 2012 Rockshox Reba Forks of course it doesnt work so I want to fit a Manual lockout to the top of my fork so my question is do I need to buy

1. a new Damper "and" the Manual lockout kit ( blue knob) or

2. just the Blue Knob Manual Lockout Kit

the reason I'm asking I've read, its just a matter of removing the damper from within the fork, unclipping the spring from inside and then screwing back together and then fitting the mew " Manual Blue knob kit" to the top and voila its a manual lockout ?

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FOUND: Cycling GPS in the Watagans.


Cycling GPS. Found in the Watagans. Let me know the brand/model/colour + the approx location of where you think you lost it, and I'll return it. Smiling

Contact me via Rotorburn if possible, I don't check NobMob very often. The same post is listed there.


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The Mont Needs You

Apparently the event is still short of entrants. Get three mates and join up today.

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Hidden Camera/Counters on Long Track

I went out for a quick bash along Perim and Long from the School on Saturday before it go too hot and noticed 2 camera/counter thingys have been installed - one on your left as you head out, just past Lookout Rock and before you make the rocky right hand turn before the pinch climb and there was one on your left of the track coming back some where closer to the start of the track - cant remember exactly where to be honest.

Has anyone else seen them and does anyone know what they are there for? I have seen NPWS use the same things on Serrata and Gahnia.

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Individual XT sprockets

Any idea where I might source individual XT sprockets if possible? Have worn one down from riding on the road too much (first mistake) and the rest of the cassette is fine.

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Bike travel box

Hi all. Does anyone have a recommendation for rental/purchase of a bike box/case? Preferably northern beaches or not too distant, I need one for a four day trip. Sorry, I know this has been covered before but I couldn't find anything. Cheers

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