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Just back from a few days down at Thredbo and to support what others have said on here about the place, it's a lot of fun and a great place to ride.

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The Pioneer

A few nobmobbers rate a mention here: Minter and Chitts, and Mike Israel

Epic scenery! Probably a bit above my level, but you can always dream Smiling Antsonline, is this your next event? Smiling

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Heads-up display for MTB

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For those who didn't know they needed it...

Interesting comments in the comment section about the human brain having a limited pool of processing power... I have a power meter on the Scalpel but never use the data on the trail because I'm fully occupied with staying rubber side down. One of th3 things I love about MTB is that it demands 100% attention and leaves no room for anything else.

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Single Speed Awaba

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Pretty keen to get out to Awaba soon for a single speed ride.

Any advice on what ratio to use?

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Kids bike races

My little one, 6 yrs, is keen to do some bike races. Are there any local events with kids races?

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CTMBC club kit

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

I have had a few people ask about another order of club kit.

We need a minimum of ten of each item (Jersey nix or shorts) to get the order set up

If I get enough people to commit I'll set the online order up again

last time I had lots of people say they wanted to order but then only 4 people placde an order. this made it a bit expensive as I ended up paying the below minimum order fee personally and dragged the process out.

If people genuinely want gear let me know by replying here or on the facebook link and if we get enough I'll set up the online order system again

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Weekend at Pokolbin

Does anyone have any recommendations for tracks close to Pokolbin?

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Manly dam wallet found

As above, if you have lost your wallet let me know.

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Cycle Commuting

In spirit of the recent discussions around cycle commuting and helmet laws etc I found this picture from the place where I lived in Sweden before moving. I've forgotten how hard it was to find the bike after a day out.....

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Customer service

New Merida Big7 CF 5000, four rides old cracked frame. Warranty job so all good. Dropped it back to store of purchase before Xmas. 4 months later get my bike back with new frame. Yep 4 months. Am I being unreasonable in having the s!@#s with this timeframe? I wonder if Jason English would have to wait the same period of time to have his frame replaced

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One Day in the Hunter

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

I'll have one day in the Hunter, this coming Sunday.

Any recommendations for a trail to ride? Something XC, don't mind a few hills, looking for somewhere I can work up a sweat, maybe about 30-45kms, (laps are OK if necessary).

I'll be riding in the MTBGP @ Singleton on Saturday, so just want to sample something else while I'm around.

I was sort of interested in the James Estate trail, just because I have heard of it, I'll be staying close to Singletone, but don't mind driving.


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MTB trail for the new Malabar Headland National Park

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

The planning process is underway for the future of Malabar Headland in Sydney's east and people in the surrounding areas are eager for a nearby mountain bike trail. Currently there is not a single trail in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney. Please help all the mountain bikers in the Eastern Suburbs by advocating for this trail. The project needs all the publicity it can get to have a chance at becoming a reality!!

This petition currently has over 600 supporters, but the more the better to convince the decision-makers to allow this project.

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I'm just back from a weekend at the Otway300 - it was such an incredible event.
Its a long race for sure, and a bit of a journey to get to Forrest, Vic to compete, but my word, it was worth every second.

8 mates caught the same flight, booked a couple of cars, and hired a big house together - for what really was an ultimate 'boys riding' weekend away.

The racing was great - for sure - but the whole vibe and nature of the weekend really stood out. If you even slightly fancy yourself as an endurance based rider, put it on your calendar for next year. Its a bucket list race...

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The Mont

Had a good time at the Mont, I'm shattered now.

Thanks to Pancakes for getting the team together, cooking pancakes, looking after the running sheet and all the other stuff you did to make things run smoothly.

To the rest of the team, thanks for making the event a whole lot of fun, it's not something I thought I'd ever do let alone enjoy.

@Hawkeye, thanks for your text msg yesterday.


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Lost sunnies on Serrata

I lost my sunnies on the fire trail that leads to the top of Serrata this morning (Sunday). If anybody found them I'd love to get them back...
Thanks Mike

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Awaba to Cooranbong

Can anyone tell me where the single track from Awaba to Cooranbong starts exactly?

The Port to Port Stage 3 uses this track, they do a lap of the awaba mountain bike park, ride up Mt Faulk Rd, then apparently ride more single track back down the mountain to end up at cooranbong.

Did anyone do this stage last year who can tell me where the trail head is? Pretty keen to check it out before the race.

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New machine

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So after putting it up several months ago, leading to a LOT of food for thought for me, I had narrowed it all down to the Spec Epic and Trek Top Fuel. Eventually (and contrary to what I know many would choose), I finally settled on the Top Fuel (mainly due to pricing) in February though had a spanner thrown in my works when I found out that Trek had completely sold out for the year. Luckily after much negotiation between Turramurra Cyclery & Trek Project One, they sorted out a custom built model.

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Portal Trail, Moab

Spectacular riding in Utah

Part 1

Part 2

Nerd note: would love to know what gimbal is being used to stabilise the camera

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One Northern Beaches Council - submissions close Friday 8 April

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Fellow Mountain Bikers,

Normally I am an apathetic participant in life (well to some extent), but as a passionate mountain biker, and having seen the vitriol expressed by some in our community opposing a mega council, I believe apathy will see a once in a life time opportunity missed, to the detriment of our children and future communities that need to maintain the unique northern beaches environment.

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Commute advise

Hey guys, looks like I might have a new commute to Redfern starting soon.
I've never needed to ride across town before.
Anyone got a good route from the Bridge to Abercrombie St?
Obviously I'd like to as much off road or away from traffic as possible.
Cheers peeps.

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Great job Singleton Ambo's

This was on Monday morning, a rider practicing for the Shimano Series. For a non technical tracks I have had more crashes here than any technical track. The track is fast, and dusty, in great condition for the race. This guy was going full tilt when he clipped that tree. Ended up with a broken hip. The Singleton Ambos did a great job getting in to him and treating, Well done. Be warned after a few tired hours those trees can jump out and get you.

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*Removed by poster*

*Content removed*

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Terrey Hills & Boundary Riders


Anyone come across some riders at Terrey Hills with "Boundary Rider" kit on???

Are they nicer people off their bikes than on them?

And what about blonde no-helmet guy - cannot wait for him to get aquainted with a rock soon.......


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Smashed GPS

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Gotta love it when you lose your concentration for a second and suffer the consequences.

Just after thinking about how many times I'd dropped it without cracking the screen, Last week I stepped on my $400 Magellan Cyclo505 GPS and completely smashed the screen, to the extent that now I can hardly press any buttons on it any more.

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Convict 68Km 2016 race

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.
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I am going to do the convict 68KM, I did ride the last Convict 50km and the last Husky 50km.
Anyone who rode the 68km last year or other convict events I am interested in your thoughts and experience on the event.

1) They say that the 68km has single track in it, how technical is this single track and what pecentage is the single track too fire trail?

2) Does the 68km have the down hill section of the old 50km with the hazadous gutters in it?

3) Any hints on the canoe as I am keen on riding it.

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