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iPhone explosion at Manly Dam

I'm really not sure what to say about this. Shocked

Apparently this guy fell off his bike at Manly Dam and suffered third degree burns when his iPhone exploded. Currently awaiting skin grafts at RNSH.

Warning: some photos NSFW

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Bike Security...London Style

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Just returned from a trip to London and saw this in Kentish Town.

If you can't saw through the bike lock...try cutting the bike in half. Makes sense.

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Derby Tasmania

Anyone ridden Derby Tas? I'm heading there in Oct and was wondering what it's like? From what I've seen on line it looks pretty good.

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Picking a New Saddle

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

I am in the market for a new saddle and am keen for any recommendations.

Currently using a Brooks B17 which I love for the comfort but when I'm chucking it about on the trails it bashes my inner thighs too much.

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Canyon Strive

Has anyone test ridden the Canyon Strive? I spent a couple of hours on one today at Stromlo and I'd be interested to hear what others think about it.

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Lost Garmin edge 510

Hi all I know this is probably a long shot but wondering if anyone may have found my Garmin edge 510, I think lost it as I was packing all the stuff in my car on Ralston ave belrose last Sunday near the entry to cascades.

If you have found it when it turns on it will show my phone number to call me on otherwise please pm me.

Thanks in advance


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Nite rider batteries

I am on the hunt for some niterider PRO series batteries, does anyone have any laying around that they are not using, or will not use?

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Mowbray Park 12HR

Anyone got any experience of this track? Big climbs, horrible slog through grass or as fun as it looks? Assuming it's a bog if it rains.
Cheers people.

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Wisemans Old northern road condition

Greetings all

It's been some years since I've ridden up at Wisemans Ferry on the old northern road track and remember it being quite rocky and technical in parts.

With all the other trails such as The Oaks being graded and smoothed out. Has the same been done with Wisemans ? Or is it still quite rough in places?

Wanting to ride there again soon!

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Where to get Shimano parts?

Anyone know here can I get shimano parts from? I'm wanting to get a new Shimano hub axle but struggling to find anything local or in English online


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Indonesian Mountain Bike Tour

Hey Guys

I am Serena from Bicycles Online, we are offering a mountain bike tour in Indonesia in October.

Just trying to get the word out and see if anyone is interested or has any suggestions, please let me know.


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Thieves using social media to target high end bikes

I got blown off last time I raised this but I see a report in yesterday's Manly Daily from the Northern Beaches LAC's crime prevention officer that three bikes a week are being stolen using social media to identify targets.

* Understand and use your app's privacy settings. I have my strava settings ar maximum, with an offset location. However, it is still possible to circumvent this.
* Have your profile set to private
* Don't post photos of your bike
* Make sure riding apps do not contain residential locations or photos of bikes

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Shimano MTB GP Awaba this wknd (23 Jul)

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Note the Shimano MTB GP will be at Awaba this wknd due to a change of venue.

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Ourimbah DH where to park?

Hi downhillers,

If i go alone to ourimbah DH and have no shuttle, should I park close to the tower or at the trail head parking?

If the latter, how far is the walk (pushing my dh rig) to the tower? Is it doable?



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XTR 11 Speed Shifter/Derailleur SRAM Freehub Cassette Compatibility

Does anyone know if you can run an 11 speed XTR shifter and rear derailleur with a SRAM 11 speed freehub and cassette?

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At a Glance Section on the Site

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G'day, I have been using the site for a while now but I still can't figure out how to use the line graph in the "At a glance" section that appears on every page of the tracks you search. For example, on The Brisbane Water National Park page of the Site, with reference to tracks, it states "Fire trail 15 for 30kms 89% Single track Enclosed 1 for 0.4kms 1% Exposed 2 for 3.1Kms 9%. I've been trying to work it out on my own for a few years and I am baffled. Does it have something to do with how much of that 30kms is ride able because of current conditions, or obstacles like steps etc?

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Kentlyn trails

I was going to update the trail status but can't find it in the database. Is it under a different name?

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NOSH running race 10th July


There is a running race being held today that will have runners coming through forestville oval.

Runners prob there between 10.30 and 12.30.

Runners are aware of mtb tracks in the area

Map showing course is on the bennelong orienteering website or Facebook page

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Shimano Video Competition

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Found a great video of the Glenrock trails by Alex in the 3rd round of the "Shimano Video Competition:My MTB Life"

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Shout out to "Mountain Bike Suspension Centre"

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I took my DT forks and fox RP23 to Simon @ Mountain Bike Suspension Centre.
What a fantastic service experience.
Simon is friendly and professional.
only took 2 days to turn around - ensuring I had my suspension back for the weekend.

He took photos of the filthy oil that came out of my shocks and kept the buggered seals to show me when I came to pick them up.

went for a ride this weekend and it was like riding a new bike. the suspension is smooth and plush again.

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Mt York ascents

If a bloke rode up Berghoffers and then had to decide between riding down Lockyers or Lawson's Long Alley, and then back up the other one, what would folks recommend a bloke should do? Based on a preference for least hike-a-bike work.....

And if a bloke then wanted to get back down to Hartley Vale, is there a fourth descent that is reasonably rideable or should he just ride back down one of the two that he came up?

All this is assuming that it isn't too cold to get out of bed on Sunday morning of course.....

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Lost: tool bottle at Manly Dam

I lost a black tool bottle - scratched up and with Woolys Wheels logo - at Manly Dam this morning.

I'm guessing it was on the extended loop, on the singletrack just after the pipeline - that was where I managed to endo!

If anyone finds it, please PM me.


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Police Cycling Blitz in Sydney - Tuesday (tomorrow)

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Bells, reflectors, bike lights - no red light running, no track standing, no riding on footpaths.

From the Bicycle NSW Email

Scheduled police operation in Sydney

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DT Swiss Fork Service

anyone know where i can get DT Swiss Forks serviced. ideally near home or work or anywhere inbetween.
Terrey Hills > St Leonards


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