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Hot and wet in Bali

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By arghvee - Posted on 24 July 2009

Gday, I'll be hitting the warm beaches and cold Bintang in Bali in 2 weeks. Last time there I did a one day tour with Clare from Trailblazers. She had the 10 time Bali MTB champ as a guide !! We did the Temple to Beach day trip, with a nice Bintang on the beach at the end. She had a nice writeup in one of the mtb mags later that year.
Just thought to check anyone who has done the other xc rides there like the Lake Buyan or Batur crater ?? thx.

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I'm off to Bali at the end of August and stumbled across the Bali Trailblazers web site earlier this week!
Just need to see if I can squeeze a day trip into our busy schedule of sitting by the pool drinking cocktails... Eye-wink

Sounds like they have some awesome rides to do! I'll check out the one you did and wait to hear any responses from other travellers for recommendations.

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