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By Rob - Posted on 10 August 2009

Next week (Aug 18) there will be a NPWS public meeting regarding the LCNP plan of management. As previously discussed, and as per the meeting here:

If you care about riding in LCNP or other Sydney parks it's important to turn up and show your support. Please make time and come along if you can.

I guess they are expecting a large turnout as you must register your intent to show up at this meeting, by one of these methods:

Email (preferred)
Tel: 02 8448 0400

All good? See you there!

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Count me in.

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I will try to get there - have registered.

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Have registered & will try to be there.

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Received an interesting response after registering to attand the meeting on the 18th!

Thank you for your registration, or apologies if you are not able to attend the Lane Cove Plan of Management public meeting being held next Tuesday 18th August.

We are a bit concerned that some of those who have registered are under the impression that the meeting is to be only on future mountain bike riding within Lane Cove National Park going on the emails that we have received. So I would just like to confirm that the public meeting will not cover any specific Park issue in great detail and that it will primarily focus on a revisit of the old plan of management, the review process for the new Plan of management, briefly cover any new issues being considered and most importantly how to make an effective submission on the draft when it is publicly exhibited.

If this is your expectation of the meeting then great but I just wanted to clarify so there is no confusion as to the purpose of the evening by those wishing to attend.

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