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Weekend ride - Ideas Please

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By Geoffx-19 - Posted on 11 August 2009

There are 5 of us all on XC hardtails and we're looking for an adventure so roughing it isn't a problem. Mix of technical and firetrail would be ideal. Four hours drive from Sydney and 50KM riding distance would be the max.

We were thinking of Mt Stomlo but it's closed when we've got our leave passes so we'd like some other recommendations! Suggestions?

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You could look at Mogo (Home of the Angry Doctor) or still head to Can'bra and do Majura or Sparrow (which, to be honest, I'd rather do that Stromlo anyhow).

In summer head down to Thredbo and do The Pinch ride as described here: 55Km but mostly downhill, although you'll need someone to come collect you at the end or set up camp while you ride (there's a camp site at the end of this ride).

Another good summer option is to head North to Barrington Tops. I'm sure you can find 50Km of riding up there. Get a good topo map, camp up at Polblue and you're set.

Why I mention these last two is that they will be an adventure, whereas the others are a bit close to civilisation to count Eye-wink

There's plenty out in the Blue Mountains and further West too (or so I hear)... I'm sure someone will be along later to talk about them? Paging Flynny! Eye-wink

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Try this loop:

Start at Fitzroy Falls, and ride down into Kangaroo Valley via McPhail's Firetrail. This is an epic descent through some amazing terrain.

You then complete the loop to Fitzroy Falls via Meryla Pass. About 40kms all up, and the ride truly has a bit of everything.

Best part is it's under 2 hrs from Sydney.

Here's some GPS Maps

1. First part is the descent down McPhails.

Turn right when you hit the Asphalt at the 8km mark and then...

2. The return is basically this one in reverse

Some directions from another site:
Start at the yacht club on Moss Vale Rd (on Fitzroy Reservoir) and head towards Kangaroo Valley. After the first bridge jump the fence and ride along the track next to the water pipe until you skirt around the pipe, after a long straight the track heads left and downhill, goes through a few bends, be aware because at the base of this decent you need to take McPhails Firetrail, follow this until it meets Jacks Corner Rd, at Jacks Corner Rd turn right and ride along till you come to a gate at the end of the road, go around the gate and head along the fire trail, down a hill and over another gate and eventually across a creek at the bottom of the hill (ride across the creek if you want, I've seen it done) the up a little hill and to the left. Ride along until you climb a sharp pinch, descend the other side, across a bridge and start the climb up Meryla Pass.
After 40min or so (if you are pushing hard) you will get to the top, after going over another gate about half way up. At the top turn right and slowly climb to you get to the first fire trail on the right, take this and start towards Fitzroy Falls. You will come back to Fitzroy Falls about 50 metres from the tourist setup. Head back along Moss Vale Rd to you get back to the yacht club and you car. Obviously this is very abridged version but that the gist of it. It's about 40k.

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There's plenty out in the Blue Mountains and further West too (or so I hear)... I'm sure someone will be along later to talk about them? Paging Flynny

Six foot track.
Newnes Plateau
Bicentennial trail
Tinpot Mountain
Mt Banks/Explorers ridge (shorter, all fire but nice views)
If a longish car shuttle is a option Mt Wilson to Bilpin via Mt Irvine and Bowen Creek

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Thanks everyone for your ideas. I think I'm liking the blue mountains options.

Hey flynny - Out of the blue mountains options which is the most likely a. To have no-one on it and b. To be the most fun* ?

*Fun = a little bit of technical and a lot of fast track with rolling jumps.

Ps - a nice country pub with accomodation not to far from the trail would be a bonus!

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Anyone done Ando's in the last few days? The Fat Hippy site is reporting that roadworks/grading is underway.

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herz that report was April 2008. All the grading has been done a long while ago.

The track from Wentworth Falls along and down to the Creek is pretty much as always. They've turned the track from the Bedford Creek up to Woodford into a wider smoother firetrail.

But it is still a long way and it is still all up - a mother of a climb - now with reduced rockiness, but definitely still a workout Eye-wink Give it a go!

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Thanks. Hitting it tomorrow!

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We've looked the options and made a choice Andersons - Fire Trail. Thanks everyone for your input.

Does anyone have a specific recommendation for where to stay close by on the Saturday night? A country pub with rooms would be ideal!


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