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Adjustable Seatposts

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By jpack - Posted on 13 August 2009

Had anybody got/know about on-the-fly adjustable seatposts.
There seem to be quite a few options out there.
so far i have found:
Crank Bros Joplin
Fezzari Drop In
Gravity Dropper
Specialized Command

I have 1 big restriction: I have a Kona, which for some reason has a 30.0mm seatpost.
I don't mind using shims, but i obviously can't go any bigger.

any opinions welcome (expect for telling me that regular seatposts are height adjustable as well - i already know that)

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From the people I've seen with them on they all seem to love it.

Lozza and Hans have the Joplin. Loz has had some issues with the seat returning to the upper position though. It now needs to be pulled up sometimes from memory.

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I have the Kindshock model from T7 - overseas it is sold under the Pure Racing brandname and seems quite popular. I only have the manual model but I really like it. It is about half the price of the Joplin but it doesn't have the sideways movement of the Joplin and is very easy to use. You do have to tighten the red ring before every couple of rides or the seat will not return to full height and stay there. Fairly heavy compared to regular posts but when you weigh as much as I do, it's not an issue. Good for a large-thighed, ghetto-bootyed unit like myself to get off the back of the saddle when going down steeper terrain.

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I've got both the Gravitydropper descender post (pull the lever on the post) and the remote lever version.

Both are an excellent upgrade for your bike, especially for rides with a lot of sharp climbs and fun down sections....gone are the days of stopping to adjust your seat height for your favourite DH section. The weight gain is worth it for the versatility.

The remote lever version (mounted on the bars) is definitely easier to use - no need to remove your hand from the bar to actuate it.

I have a couple of friends who have Joplins - again, a good option, but I have seen issues with the hydraulics seizing up. The Gravitydropper is mechanically actuated with magnets and can be stripped down for cleaning if necessary.

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Although the gravity dropper is probably more reliable, it is extremely limited by having only 2 or 3 positions to set it in.
This problem has been addressed by RASE, whose 9" adjustable post has 20 positions.
I do like the look of the Kind Shock Kobra, but i can't find them anywhere. Do they make them in 30.0 or smaller? Torpedo7 doesn't seem to have them any more? Where can i find one?

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There are pro and cons to both, although as far a adjustable posts go in general I wouldn't ride a bike without one now I think.

Anyway, the Gravity Dropper is 4 inches (think they do a 5 inch as well now). It's only fully up or down as people have said and the diameter of the main part of the post is very small to fit within the larger bottom section. It also has a small hole in thin post where a catch locks in so it can be quite weak if you're heavy. I've had one snap on me and it leaves a very nasty spike placed under your backside. That's the cons, as for the pros - it comes in a variety of diameters, they have great customer service (replaced my broken post no questions asked out of warranty) and are very easy to service with no oil / air to worry about.

As for the Joplin, it's only 3 inch but is fully adjustable at any height which is useful. It needs a bit more love and care with regular service, comes in only 3 sizes I think and often has a bit of side to side play in the clamp (never enough to be noticeable). It's more sturdy though so overall I think I prefer the Joplin to the Gravity Dropper now, just wish it had more drop. Take a look here for a comprehensive summary of most available:

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