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SS Kona

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By LadyToast - Posted on 15 August 2009

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Ha its one step closer to a roadie Dylan. Those skinny tyres mean you are half way there. Just need a rigid fork and drop bars......
CBD told me you were in there the other day as well.

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It rides really well actually, I'm so impressed with it I might even have to take it off road. Not bad for $100 spent on the frame. I'm still on the fence about a roadie but I have had some offers to test some, and I am really keen on doing an AR or two so you never know....

Yeah, I had a slipping chain on the way home the other night and Chris at CBD went above and beyond what I would consider usual bike shop service. Top bloke, I will certainly be recommending them in the future.

Plus he commutes a really cool bike a really long way Smiling

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