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Hillfest + 4 gates = Fun

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By Rob - Posted on 16 August 2009

Slight change of plan for this ride. Instead of doing laps of 4 gates we decided to hit the Northern Beaches Hillfest circuit and put in a lap or two at the end if possible. I knew this would come in around 45Km and 1300 vertical plus a single 4 gates say, would be around 1700 vertical and 60km but it came up slightly less somehow - I blame Garmin Connect - it's vertical calcs are a little off and doesn't show altitude half the time Sad

The gate on the eastern side of the wildflower garden was locked, but... erm... where there's a will there's a way. And no - it didn't involve climbing or cutting a hole. Please don't ask as refusal to elaborate might cause offence Eye-wink

I haven't been on these trails for some time and thankfully didn't find it that bad. Rode the lot, albeit with a bit (OK - a lot!) of granny on the last couple climbs. Dylan & Damien waved goodbye before the final 4 gates lap - well judged you buggers! Eye-wink

I have to say, it was a bit warm, ran out of water and the last grind up Heath but no drama as was well hydrated. Even so, this last slog was really rather hard. As a point of reference I 'cruised' the 4 gates in 1h03 a while back but this lap took 1h13 - doh!

Anyhow - quiet pleased how it went. No ill effects save some aching legs (as it should be) so all good. Thanks to Dylan & Damien for coming and glad you liked the course Smiling

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