Blue Mountains?

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By InC - Posted on 24 August 2009

I'm in the blue mountains this weekend and wondering if:
(a) anyone is keen for a ride on sat morning around 0830 start?
(b) any advice on where to go for a fun technical ride with a few hills etc. Around 2-4 hour ride?

Any info is appreciated at this very late notice.
You can drop me a line at


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What say you on taking this fella for a spin? If it wasn't for the silly ride on Sunday I might be up for this but sadly... non!

2-4 hours, eh? Up and down the Oaks (with St Helena thrown in for the tech?). Or just ride Andos + Oaks one way. Or that other stuff at either end or wherever it is Eye-wink

Edit: or join this guy:

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legend mate. thanks

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could take him as well.. now he is a local too!! hey bloot!

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