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MTB in South Africa

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By Matt P - Posted on 24 August 2009

I'm off to South Africa in October for a few weeks and have been told that there is some decent riding to be had (and yes, will be checking into the SA WC DH course if possible).

However I wanted to hear from anyone who may have done their own riding there including where, type of riding and bike hire.

Trail riding would probably be best bet (don't want to go nuts on a full on DH course and risk injury however if the riding is THAT good................).

Has anyone used Downhill Adventures?



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Hey Matt,

Im from Cape Town living in Sydney now. There are heaps of trails to ride in Cape Town, lots of fire trials. To be honest there arnt many dedicated mtb tracks like we have here in Sydney most are shared with hiking tracks/horse trails etc. With the Aussie Dollar being strong against the Rand you should look into hiring a mtb guide for a day - probably your best bet.

Downhill Adventures are a well known adventure company in Cape Town. You can def hire a bike and guide from them. They dont specialise in "Downhill" per say, but more of a general adventure company.

Another company I can recommend is Adventure Works, again - more of an Adventure company buy they can hook you up with mountain bike hire and a guide. Just mention my name when you call or email, they will hook you up with a good price.

Pedal Power Association is the largest bicycle organisation in Cape Town, they have heaps of paid entry social ride events.

If you need anymore info, just send me a message.

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Hey Matt, if you looking at going to the WC course in Pietermaritzburg then should be able to hire a bike right there. About 100m from the bottom of the DH run is a shopping center called Cascades and it has a bike store. Off the top of my head I can't remember the shops name but it'll be online somewhere. Greg Minnaar aslo has a shop in town but I don't know if they hire out bikes.

Some great rides out that way, if you keen on a good climb hit Sani Pass in the Drakensburg (about 2hrs from Pietermaritzburg) you climb up to the highest pub in Africa, take your passport you need to cross the border into Lesotho the ride down is awesome. Check it out online.

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Thanks for all of the info so far guys. I really appreciate it.

I've got an e-mail from Downhill Adventures but their description of their hire bikes as "high performance, front suspension" leads me to expect a 3" travel hardtail with V brakes :S

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Staying primarily in CT? How far are you willing to travel for good trails?

There are many awesome riding spots, although most trails would require at least one riding buddy and preferably one who knows the area...

By the way, V-brakes are high performance!

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