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Canberra Accomodation Recommendations

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By cleeoo - Posted on 25 August 2009

Hi all,

A couple of friends and I are planning on doing a bit of a MTB tour in Jan/Feb next year and we plan on spending probably around anywhere from 3-6 nights in Canberra and were wondering about bike friendly accomodation for I think 3-4 of us. We have had a look at Canberra Motor Village online, but are there any others you would recommend/highly recommend in the Canberra region. At this stage I think we're planning on exploring Stromlo, Sparrow Hill and Majura Pines (not sure if they're the right names for the last 2 areas), but are there any other places you guys would recommend in Canberra or in between Thredbo and Canberra.



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we've had some big groups down there with bikes in the past. there's 10 bed dorms from $244 a night right down to 3 bed bungalows at $79 per night.

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Try the Rydges Eagle Hawk Resort. Book online. Bargains a plenty.
Google it.

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both the Carotel and Eagle Hawk are way north of town, which means they're closer to Sparrow and Majura, but quite a distance from the city.... there'll be no 'have a few drinks and walk back to the hotel' scenario. It's about $30-$35 in a taxi to Eagle Hawk one way... The Carotel is a bit closer to town. I've stayed in both and neither are great but both are adequate. Could try the YHA which is right in the centre:
4 Share Male from $31.50 to $37 per bed
Twin/Double from $83 to $97 per room

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Quality Inn Dickson (North) is a part of "Tradies". It's decorated throughout the accommodation with cycling art. They get the hose out so I can rinse the dust off the bike. Dickson also has a good bunch of restaurants, but I mainly just eat at the bistro at the Tradies club. I always keep the bike in the room and they are very accommodating.

But, maybe stay in Queanbeyan. It would be cheaper, and closer to Sparrow Hill, which I think is the best trail there.

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