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By marhleet - Posted on 04 September 2009

Sunday, 6 September, 2009 - 08:00

The meeting times are 'ready to ride'. If you need time to prepare equipment then please arrive a few minutes earlier.

6 hours
Come Rain or Shine: 
I'll be there, no matter what the weather.
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Mount York
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Mt York Road, in Mount Victoria. Possibly the lookout car park at the end, though it's not too big if lots turn up. Otherwise, the petrol station back at the highway.

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we've been doing exercise, touring, picture taking, and

looked at this area on a rainy day, and this weekend is going to be tops, says accuweather
short plan is
down coxs, up lawsons long alley
down lockyers, around Hartley Vale, up Berghoffers

lots of stopping, pics, water, huffing and puffing.

start time might blow out to 8!, think it was 10am 2 weeks ago on Narrow Neck. I work nights, yawn.
small parking area at the end near top of Coxs.
might decide to park at the petrol station for better security. think it'd be the same length either way.
even with the good weather, I'll be in jeans, tshirt, long shirt, tshirt, jumper
pack with jumper, water, water, camera, batteries, gps etc .... (food)

first entry, might be bad, let me know ...

(and you don't have a KMZ file for Lawsons as yet, might have soon!)

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marhleet Mt York, all of it that was a lot more than expected. I figured it might be long, it wasn't as long as thought, but plenty long enough. 9am to 5pm is a long day in the saddle. 28kms, two descents, two ascents. Up Lockyers when you wanted to be up Lawsons was a tad...

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I can't do this Sunday
If you're keen to do it another weekend, or any mountain ride
Post up a bit sooner if you can so I can clear the day

You'll have a great time - enjoy - damn it

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there'll be others.
as mentioned, we already recc'ed this some time ago (wet view of Hartley Vale pic day), we've also done Lapstone Zig Zag investigation, needs another one to two days of pics and someone said there's 29km of track he's found , so far, around glenbrook lapstone.

Mt Hay road is being planned, mainly for the geocaching, might just drive the whole thing (public unlocked gate road with tourists), not quite the same as 2 weeks ago, Narrow Neck. 10kms out, 10km back, only took all day and that was also the second attempt, which 'failed' at a grand distance of 3.6km along the trail due to heavy walking / photo opportunities.

and we also want to do the Anderson Bedford Woodford Glenbrook tour, but again, tourist mode.
so if you want a relaxing day (recovery from Saturday?) sometime, I'll try to get more notice.

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a new personal record, of course.
but again, oooooooowwww.

good piccage and lots of heart pumping

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Damn didn't even seen this. Probably couldn't have made it anyway but I do love Mt york. Which trails did you do?

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blogged and logged (some)
picc'd (working on it)
KML'd the road trail around all 4 tracks 28.8kms

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I Don't mind going up Lockyers though down lawsons Sucks the ducks nuts compaired to down Lockyers.

My tip is to start at the bottom of Berghoffers (Actually start at the bottom of the pass and take the Single trail up to berghoffers) as it makes a great down to finish off.

So up Berghoffers, Down coxes, Up Lockyerys, Down Lockyers, Up lawsons, Down Berghoffers.

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We had much fun at Mt York on Sunday 6 September 09. I ride with "marhleet". I was at work on Monday 05:12am driving a bus the day after. I recovered well. Not many aches. Can't wait to get back there. Loved the tracks on the way back to the lookout. It was a great way to finnish the day. Tracks from easy to very technical. All good fun. Sorry we didn't post the ride earlier. If anyone wants to ride with us, please do. We like to stop and take photos. We walk and carry the rides up and down the seriously scary stuff. Thanx for the routing tips.

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