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Mt York, all of it

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By marhleet - Posted on 06 September 2009

Re: This ride meeting: 
Mt York

that was a lot more than expected.

I figured it might be long, it wasn't as long as thought, but plenty long enough.

9am to 5pm is a long day in the saddle.
28kms, two descents, two ascents.

Up Lockyers when you wanted to be up Lawsons was a tad bumma.
But down Lawsons was fun and it eased the hurt.

Sniggling a trail along Lockyers and being too close to see the trail made me go wide on a rock which put me in the loose stuff on the next corner which had me face down in the trail going hmmm.
Bastard friend looked, laughed, came over to get MY OWN CAMERA off my belt to take snaps of me lying in the trail. Geez, I hate him. Eye-wink

But for us, a good exercise, extending beyond the known limits.
Fun day, great weather (told you so), new stuff to learn of, things to still go back and do again.

and 222 Pics for the gallery, a lot in panoramas.
this needs editing to give more data but missing some site access privilieges somewhere. expect editing ...

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