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old farts scenic tour of Andersons

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By marhleet - Posted on 15 September 2009

Sunday, 20 September, 2009 - 07:20

The meeting times are 'ready to ride'. If you need time to prepare equipment then please arrive a few minutes earlier.

Come Rain or Shine: 
I'll be there, no matter what the weather.
Ride Database Entry: 
Meeting Point: 

Meet at Hazelbrook !!! 7am
--Meet at Woodford Train Station to catch the 7.24 train up to Wentworth Falls.--

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nobmob weather, no rain last 7 days
accuweather checked, light showers on Sat night, Sun 24degrees, but a bit high in the windy side
state rail, no track work
legs, ouch from Bathurst Jog but improving

Me Dad's Place for off street parking and coffee beforehand.
--Woodford Station for the 7.24 train--
(wow, the street view is exactly where we'll be parking)
don't be surprised if we goof off and catch the 8.54, note to self, get sleep on Sat night
will talk to Ades and discuss and see what he's feeling like.

we've been all over lately, and this is just one of things that is going to have to get done before Summer gets way hot.
remember, we're older and fatter and cranky, and we have cameras and we're not afraid to use them, ooooh, pretty mountains, stop, point, click, click, click ....

if you want to go, that's fine. if you want a relax day join us, show us all the interesting bits.
if we get it done early enough might do a lap of Woodford Dam area or a Linden track, but usually we take ages.
cheers all ....
starting at Hazelbrook, shops for supplies if you think they'll be open that early.
Dad's for coffee before the start.
If we get it done, and we will, ">Woodford Dam (in reverse) on the way back to Dad's.
if you're too tired the train is still there for one stop up the line.
and there's shops (Chinese Restaurant) for afters.

Who's in?
Christoffa, marhleet, martinus, adrian_mole
Christoffa marhleet martinus adrian_mole
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marhleet Ando's what a great day. woke up with a head ache and hung over threw up before breakfast. yay me! ate some brekky (not enough) and we got going. train, easy. arrived Wenty ready to ride, to find a late starting sleepyhead still getting bits out of his...

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Hi guys,
i'll probably drive up to the start as i'm not familiar with Sydney's PT system

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not sure which part of the newbie to the area from Melbourne is going to stuff it up for you, but ....
that's usually the plan. It's too early in the day to be catching trains from Central, unless you're real keen.

you could also drive to Wentworth Falls station to park nearer a coffee shop (of which there is not a lot at Woodford)
then you could train back up there in the arvo, for coffee.

trains at 1.54 2.54 3.54 4.54 5.54 6.54

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just in case you haven't noticed

woodford stn by 7.20 ready to go, train at 7.24
i'll be at hazelbrook by 7am for coffee. ready to go! by 7.20 to catch the train at hazelbrook.

at the end you'll either be,
in your car at woodford
or doing woodford dam up to hazelbrook to your car
or catch the train one stn up to hazelbrook

so, don't worry if i'm not at woodford.
I have martinus and christoffa phone numbers from profiles in my phone

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Hey guys, so yo know I will be getting the train from Springwood,
Check my profile and update your my number that is an oldie

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lets say the comment about probably goofing off and catching the 8.54 train didn't inspire confidence that getting up at 5.30 to drive out to hazelbrook in time for the 7.24 train would be worth the effort Eye-wink
Should be at woodford station at 7.20 - if not i'll phone to let you know that i'm useless and have overslept.

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Ades is up at 4
my place 5
maccas, zoom zoom
way early
i'm trying to talk him to dad's place for sleep over (ssssh, it's not like that)
the goofing off was more of a tentative talking point to help guage reactions
now we have riders, i'll just have to pick up my game.

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Sat morning update

might want to bring a light weight rain coat, or huski jacket
and we'll find a big tree to shelter under.

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ready to ride, yeh right. good one Eye-winkMartinus

that was a lot of fun until it got bloody hard.

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