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Whistler mountain bike park

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By delicious - Posted on 15 September 2009

I've been riding here now every day for five days, four of them on the well known dh trails and one on an excellent xc trail. I'm now stuffed and am having a rest.
My first two days were spent with Paul J and Chica. I've now seen a very different side to Chica. The side that gets high up on a berm and who gets a couple of metres air off a kicker to easily clear a double.
As for me, my rate of skill improvement is high. I'm riding quicker and with more confidence than before and taking on trail features I'd ordinarily avoid.
All the freeriders out there that I know through this site would not only have a great time here, their already high skill level would increase.
This is a place you folk should visit at least once. For the xc and all mountain riding too.
You know who you are.

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If you weren't going to spring for 30 tickets for your 'friends', why are you teasing them ?
so wrong Eye-wink

me mate wants to do something Canuck soon

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