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Mt Majura - Canberra

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By Buck - Posted on 15 November 2006

Went to do some cycling down in Canberra with some friends last weekend. Started off with a easy ride around the lake. Just 30km or so of bike path.

Then a friend who lives down there took us out to Mount Majura on the outskirts on Canberra. It's this pine forest with firetrails and singletrack littered all over the place!

Just head down to the airport then go down Majura Rd for 5min or so where there is a little carpark on the side of the pine forest.

Climb up to the top of the hill on the firetrail and then you can take singletracks all the way down and around the place. Can spend hours lost in the maze of singletrack!

None of what I did was too technical so good for beginners too. Highly recommended if you are down in the ACT for a bit

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