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rides near Picton / Tahmoor / Razorback or close by?

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By S3CTOR - Posted on 05 October 2009

Hi all

I just moved out to Picton and was keen to find some local riders and trails in the area or within 30mins drive.

Any suggestions welcome.



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Check out the appin track, if you post a ride a few people should turn up to show you around the track

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It all depends on what sort of riding you are after too, you can ride around Mt Annan Botanical gardens as there is a fire trail thru there
& I noticed on google earth today there is some sort of recreation area over the back of Mt Annan too that i'm keen to find out about . Appin
track is a fun track I have ridden there a few times it is 9 km long & relatively marked with red arrows

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Its a great techy course and will get you puffing just a tad . Mt Annan Botanic garden is pretty cool and there are around 20 k of fireroad to explore , (go there when its over 35 deg and see the snakes) and there are some juicey hills to really get the heart rate up on the eastern perimeter and a beautiful place at either sunset or sunrise too

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