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I love my new bike!

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By chica - Posted on 19 October 2009

Photos of my new bike - Santa Cruz Blur LT carbon. Photos were taken after i had taken it for a ride so not as sparkling as it was new. This bike has restored a heap of confidence back into my riding after going over the bars a few too many times on my Trance. It rides so well down hill and going up the hills its like a mountain goat.

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hmnnmnmnnnmnnnnn.....drool... sluuuurrrp

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Very Nice.

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Does it also eat all your lawn and shit every where like a goat?

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but then again i'm away (again) at the moment so hopefully if it has, Paul has cleaned up after it!

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Which bike shop did you get the Blur LTc from?

This will likely be my next one...

Awesome bike.


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got it while on holidays in the US/Canada recently, picked it up at a bike shop in Utah. i know Mortdale Bike Shed is selling the frames.

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So jealous! Smiling

That's my dream bike at the moment. Do you ride the Dam? I saw someone ride past on an LTc recently.

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unless my boyfriend (paul j) has been sneaking it out for a ride while i have been away! missing the bike big time! (oh and you too

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