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Would this work - LED Circuit??

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By jpack - Posted on 26 October 2009

Would this circuit work.

NOTE: the batteries are 9.6V 3300mAh

Jaycar driver takes minimum 12V
torch driver needs 6V - not sure if 9.6V will kill it?

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Nope... well, not without risking damage to the packs that is.

This is because the current drawn from the left battery (the one with the torch across) will be greater than the one on the right due to it having to power both the torch and the JayCar Driver. This would mean the cells in that pack may well become over-discharged.

That is aside from the fact one can't be sure what voltage the torch can handle without knowing what driver it uses so you may well fry it too. Sad

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I agree with Rob. You shouldn't use battery packs without a balanced loaad across all cells.
Aditionally, I don't know which driver from Jaycar you plan on using but I can certainly help you out with designing a simple circuit to power LED's for under $10, and it will supply up to 4amps continuous. Which certainly gets a couple of CREE MCE's hooked up in parrallel quite bright.

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The lights are an existing setup which used the AA0596 dimmable driver from jaycar

The torch though is a different story, not sure what driver it has. all i know is that it runs on 6V

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