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Revenge of the Rush

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By Rob - Posted on 04 November 2009

4 Nov 09

So... I was at the Dam today and it was pretty quiet. Conditions were less than ideal (bit damp, rocks and boards pretty slippery), but OK so on the second lap thought I'd have a crack at a fast one. Haven't done this for a while and the last one back in Feb was on the Yeti (in fact the last two where!).

However, I was riding the Rush today and it got sweet revenge, shaving 68 seconds of my PB.

That said, I'm not sure today's tactic was the best. Ie. flog yourself stupid the entire way round the track. It's probably better to stay a bit more within your limits which allows for spurts at key points (eg. Heartbreak Hill). That said, a PBs a PB so perhaps not? Eye-wink

On that 'to flog or not' question - I noted in the previous PB, "HR graph shows nowhere near being max'd out and lower average than my previous PB so feel pretty good about this." Those 'lower' HR numbers were 163/180 avg/max.

But today's 'hot' effort was achieved with HR 178/188 avg/max. So yes... I was trying!

If anything was wanting today though it was the legs, just didn't seem to have enough power on the back section. Sad

Either way, was stuffed at the end. Didn't really want that cool down lap, but it had to be done. So today's laps came out 38:24, 32:20, 42:38.

Garmin jobbie for reference:

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Geeez watch that heart rate young Jedi....

Must be all that adrenalin from fear of riding the steps with only half a fork Eye-wink

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if I flog myself stupid the brain goes to mush and I start making mistakes... but then you're a lot fitter than I am. Eye-wink

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Nice one old dog, not bad for a geezer ...

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Good one Rob! Do you have anything left for the Fling though?
Sticking out tongue

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