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Terminal Velocity!!!! Post Fling blowout

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By O - Posted on 11 November 2009

11 Nov 09

That was as fast as we can possibly travel, brakes were glowing, tyres were melting, heart was trying to climb out of my chest and all I did was a 32:30...are you kidding me!! I was hoping for a 31something and although the dam was v.busy and I had to stop to check everything was tight at back (felt very loose), and for a dog walker on the final concrete dip bridge before hydro center there is no way it was 30seconds worth. That has to be terminal velocity for me and Gary. I had aspirations of sub 31min before NY but I was dreaming. Need to drastically, weight, skill & bike to take it to the next level.

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That's exactly how I felt after my effort last week. But... I reckon when you get to the real pointy end of your fitness (and let's face it - this is all about being fit as there's no technical challenge left here) everything has to be just right. I'm gonna have another go at some point and reckon there is even a tactic to how you ride the lap (start slow and build up perhaps?).

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I reckon where you start has something to do with it.

Where did you start?

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To be fair to myself I always start at the lab as... erm... that is where I always have started and want to see what improvement is made.

Think I've said before though - reckon starting at the school, or past there, perhaps even at Bangaroo St or the road to the golf club (top of what used to be the rooty climb) might be a better option. On a lap starting at the lab you really are cruising into the finish and have to ride past those other locations early, saving yourself for what is to come. Finishing at one of the other locations though, you'd be able to give it your all on the climb from the lab.

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Finish with an awesome hill climb! if you don't do a great time you still get a good workout regardless! its a win win Smiling

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I used to start at the school but legs always died on that final road climb. The last few times I've started at the Lab. Seems to make sense for me, I start at a low point and try and smash the climbs while fresh and get to hammer that final 7minutes of downhill when you're buggered and legs are giving up. I always get to that right hand turn into the single track before 19th hole and can never quite believe I'll be at the hydro in 6-7minutes. Seems such a long way!

By the way, I have a technical question. I have Sram X7 shifters and seem to be accidentally shifting all the way from big dog to granny, when I only wanted to get to middle. It's typically when I'm pushing hard and coming from a downhill section into an uphill so want to be ready for it. I think it's the movement of the bike causing my thumb to accidentally hit the shifter twice but am not quite sure. I get the feeling this is just a technique thing I need to fix myself, maybe waiting to shift until slowing a bit on the uphill. I thought I should ask as the only other shifters I have used (Shimano Deore LX with integrated braking and shifting) never gave me this problem.

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Funny you mention that - I had the exact same problem with X7. Or rather, I'd hit the front down shift with the knuckle in my thumb by accident when not wanting shift at all.

To avoid this you need to move the shifters away from your hand. Trouble is with the X7 this means you have to move the brake lever in too (unless you have the shifter inside the brake which isn't possible unless your brake levers are massively long short).

The way round this (if you are running Avid brakes) is to get some Matchmaker mounts which allow for more freedom in positioning brake and shifter. They are only compatible with X9 or X0 shifters though. Go the X0, the shifting is soooo much better.

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Cheers for the advice. Good to know it's not just me.
Am running Avid 3's and looking at the setup I would have to move both systems in together, which I'd prefer not to do.
Everything seems to be working fine otherwise and the bikes new this year so I'll hold off on the shifter upgrade until something breaks and I'll likely upgrade a few things at once.

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I used to get that inadvertrent double-downshift with X7's on the FD continually for a few weeks after first bought the hardtail/commuter, even on the road. The slightest little bump in the road while I was downshifting used to do it. Totally unsuitable for off-road use, I remember thinking at the time. Sticking out tongue

A couple of weeks later a set of XT dual-control integrated brake/shifters came up on fleaBay, after which the X7's were gone. Good riddance! Sticking out tongue

Much prefer the dual-control setup, and have for awhile since it came on the Jekyll I bought a couple of years ago. My youngster's "new" (used) bike came with it, and it took all of one ride before he preferred it too.

However, after trying X-0 on Hans's Spec Enduro for a few k's last weekend I can see why folks continue to like the normal style of shifter. It weren't bad at all.

Erm, now, what was the topic again? Eye-winkLaughing out loud

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Fastest lap should be your 2nd - you aren't going to do as well starting cold Smiling

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