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2nd Lap, same as the first, slooooow

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By marhleet - Posted on 15 November 2009

15 Nov 09

hmm, had to better than the first lap, but still.
must stop the previous nights drinking sessions earlier.
and get more sleep

Maccas earlier, and no bike riding for an hour after eating!!

darn stirrups, and rocks, every time thee was a touch, and stop, dya think i could get the feet back in the straps again ? lost time mucking around lots when i should a ridden the obstacle right first time

practice !

Time input is dodgy, 01:42:12

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I think it's time to lose the toeclips. Smiling

You should be using either flat pedals or double-sided clipless. For starting out I'd recommend flats while you build the bike skills, and then switch to clipless when it becomes apparent that you need them to go faster (as it will, sooner or later depending on how often you ride).

If you can get around alright with those toeclip things, you might be able to skip the flats.

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What era are we ? was down at the fling & there wa a sheila with only one toe clip , maybe that mightbe the go , the pedal you leave your foot on leave the toe clip on this one & take off the other maybe ?

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