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Trail Status of Canberra Trails

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By a.brasington - Posted on 19 November 2009


I am going on a trip to Canberra on the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd of December (a Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday), and I am worried that they may be doing trail maintainance during the week (instead of on busy weekends..).

Is there anyone I can call or a website I can check to look for scheduled maintainance?

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Maybe try CORC?

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Post which trails you are keen on and perhaps a local will know Smiling

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asking on the Rotorburn forums

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The only place you might have a problem (though nothing happening I know of) is Stromlo - the other trails are all maintained by volunteers, most of whom work during the week.

Even if they're working at Stromlo they can only do so much so you'll find somewhere to ride there.

Enjoy your trip.

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If you're up for a night ride, let me know...

Cheers! Morgan

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