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Glenrock Cycle Map

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By Rob - Posted on 22 November 2009

From the NPWS draft PoM.

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Is this for MTB's? Has anybody ridden these trails?

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Yes indeed... this is for MTB and legal too (see the PoM). OK, OK... so the PoM isn't signed off yet but I guess it is as good as. See the legend, 'Cycling Route' and the NPWS logo? Smiling

Haven't personally been up there, but the recent moves to legalise it and someone sending a GPS of the trails lead me to put this up and start a ride entry here:

If someone has any pictures feel free to post 'em up.

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I've got a couple. They aren't great, but they give a decent indication of the "lie of the land". Will post em.

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Done. With embedded GPS data too!

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Cheers. Nice views. Although, one doesn't appear to have GPS and other other looks a bit... erm... off Eye-wink

Check out where it ended up:

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If you keep an eye on the Glenrock Trail Alliance website, there will be maps added in the next few days of the trail routes that will be going on the official signage.

There is a lot more single trail, management trail and mixed trail in the draft POM than is shown on the KML file here. Some of the best trails have not been included. I'll get rob one of our google files once we have finalised it. Should be this week.

These trails are considered legal, and there is a host of other trails in the park that will not be considered legal after the POM is gazetted. The kml file I pass on will just be the legal stuff.

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