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hot but happy

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By GAZZA - Posted on 23 November 2009

Re: This ride meeting: 
Spring Fat Tyre Festival 2009
frogs legs and roast beef
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Mixed Pairs
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i hate typing so i'll keep this short.
what can i say but HOT,HOT,HOT!!!
the air was so thick and hot at times it felt like someone was holding a massive hairdryer on full heat in front of you, my mouth was drying up with every breath i took, absolutely incredible!
had a great start to the race, i went first, about two rows back from Gordo. i was thinking "am i too far forward?" but off we went and i sprinted up the road and got a fantastic position into the singletrack, i never really lost any spots on the first lap staying in about the top 30 spots( at least i think?)
off went Martine on her first lap so i sat down, ate and drank plenty and thought she might be back in 45 mins but she caught me out when she turned up in 38mins!!!!! she's a bloody legend!
anyway, the day got hotter and hotter but we kept going at a resonable pace. i was so bloody glad when i saw the sign saying that the race was reduced to 6.25 hrs. very wise decision on the organisers behalf.
i'm so sorry i didn't come and chat more in all the other nobmobber's area's but with the pairs thing and the heat, by the time i'd got my core temp down, drank and ate enough it was time to get back on the bike!
good effort by all and a great day despite being cooked!
i truly felt like roast beef! (the french name for poms)
Martine= 5 laps,
37.27 (the last lap was the fastest!!!!!!!! legend!)
Gazza=6 laps

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From the feed back I got from other crazy like minded folk there on the day, I tip my hat to you and Martine.

Imagine how good you two will be if you start training Eye-wink


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Nice work Gazza, impressive lap times even on a cool day.

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