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New Bike

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By Sirhc - Posted on 19 December 2006

Thank you all for your help i will get down there and check it out.

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Sorry to say I haven't been paying much attention to that lately... too busy staring at the new bling to notice? Eye-wink

Best bet is just to ask when you're there or phone around. I do know that many places will give quiet a healthy discount if you ask nicely, or toss in many accessories which is almost as good. Nothing's for free as they say, so if you end up getting interest free loan then most likely be at the expense of other deals on offer.

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What Bling is that?

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You know - fancy new bikes, stuff like that. Saw a carbon fibre pump last time (weighed, like, as much as a pencil, but also looked about as useful for tire inflation).

What else is there to look at in bike shops?

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I actually think BA might do something similar....worth asking them though. I do remember seeing a weekly payment option on a couple of bikes down there last time I was there.

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Bike Addiction do have a pay as you ride have to fill in the forms etc (naturally!) but try to go down on a week day - we asked about it on a weekend and they were dopey as anything!

MEEE Smiling

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