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By Jee10 - Posted on 07 December 2009

Someone I know owns this bike, I thought its worth sharing!

Frame – ORBEA TT carbon frame
Folk – 29er Nuke Carbon MTB
Wheels – Velocity with Hope MTB hubs and wrapped in 700x23 tyres
Brake – Hope Hyro with 6-7inch disk
Cranks – Carbon Truvativ single chain ring
Rear Derailleur – X.0
Bars – not sure (but they are about 30cms wide)

The owner gives cyclists a bad name...has no respect when cycling! Sad Total nutter...

Harry's picture

Saw this at Darling Harbour on Friday evening - was trying to work it out then too

Trev's picture

looks awsome , but what would you use a bike like this for? courier?

GAZZA's picture

they're wierd and mixed up!

PIVOT MACH 5's picture

Ronald McDonald?

Rob's picture

Geeze... Ronald would have a pretty large turning circle wearing those shoes! Laughing out loud

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" The owner gives cyclists a bad name...has no respect when cycling! Total nutter... "

His bike says as much.

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incredibly hard to find, rare as hens teeth water bottle too.

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+1 for bike courier

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Along with all the other trick stuff on there I wouldn't be surprised if he works in a bike shop, apart from the "bad name" bit perhaps.

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