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Tim - Nearly a stack

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By Tim28 - Posted on 24 December 2006

I actually stayed on during this roll off. (note: back wheel up in air) I was meant to be pulling my wheel but was going a little fast so didn't in time. A lucky escape.
Area: Manly Dam 6 foot drop section
Photo: Michael Darton

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... fall when I last rolled off that part :">

What happened was the seat was a bit too high - well, the 'Dam is a cross country circuit Eye-wink

So the roll off was fine, but then the seat smashed me in the stomach as the bike leveled off which made me loose grip on the bars and fall off backwards. Doh!

Think this section is known as the 19th Hole.

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Hence the rear wheel up in the air, looks like you're grabbing a little too much lever! It's not so much about lifting your front wheel but staying off the front brake and keeping your weight back, unweighting the front rather than pulling a manual (though that would work too). Spot your line, look where you're going and stay smooth, not that I ever do any of that...

If you're not stacking once or twice a ride you're just not trying hard enough though, keep it up ;-}


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Yes, just one finger on each brake lever (or none at all) - otherwise it's just too easy to "accidentally" lock the front wheel.

Actually, if you have decent brakes, there is almost no situation where you need more than a finger on the brake levers...

Happy Christmas too all!!!


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I was lucky enough to think to release my front wheel at about this time. This meant that i just kept rolling. which was good. I usually do this bit by pulling my front wheel and i know what you mean by the brakes. I am only one finger braking in the photo (I think. I usually do.

Merry Christmas


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