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By Hans - Posted on 30 December 2009

All the tracks are one-way, graded from 1-6 and well sign posted to guide both experienced and novice riders.

The different approach to legal liability in NZ makes this approach possible. According to some local MTB'ers it is possible to "adopt" a certain stretch of single track, improve it, maintain or modify it (with the approval of the local MTB club and a very co-operative land owner and Rotorua District Council).

As long as it is well sign-posted, and XXX warnings placed in front of obstacles there is apparently no liability to the land owners....

(P.S. - No I didn't ride this trail, but some local youngsters (12-16 y.o) were keen to show me their 8 metre double jumps and biiiig air time....)

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Is that not the best sign you have ever seen?

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