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Jamis trail X3 upgrade

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By Frags - Posted on 03 January 2010

Hi all
Curious to see what you think is the better more cost effective solution to a better ride. Currently have a Jamis trail X3 2009 which cannot currently handle the type of riding I would like to do eg. drops, small jumps etc standard trail riding / tech. so I am considering upgrading some of the components to make it a better ride or should I just get a new XC bike ? any feedback of your thoughts and recommendations of parts to upgrade or quality XC bikes that ride well and are durable would be great.


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i should be back either this saturday or sunday ... for example ...


i drove up to qld with 3 on my roof and will only be driving back to nsw with one ... on the way back i will have one thule (driver side) and one rhino (centre) vacant ... my bike will come back on the other thule (passenger side) ... and note all bikes on the roof will be exposed all of the way and although all reasonable care will be taken i will take no responsibility for any bike whatsoever even through negligence ...


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thanks heaps for the offer but i might hold off and see if there are any recommendations on part upgrades and if that does not work out I will be getting a brand new bike probably get a dually instead of hardtail also. I am open to all suggestions tho.

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Sounds like your riding style and preference has changed over time. I would not recommend upgrading a hardtail if you are intending on going bigger on the trails. They are great for basic XC riding and racing, but not much else. If you believe drops and jumps will take your fancy, upgrade this X3 to a dual suspension rig. Basic technical riding will see you on a 4-5 inch travel dually, but the bigger you want to go off drops and jumps, you are looking for something around 5.5-6.5 inches of rear travel. I am assuming you are not interested in a DH/FR bike. Once this decision is made, you will need a price range and a bike model. Giants are great value, and go for around $3000-4500 for a well spec'ed frame. For what it sounds you will use this for, you can't go past the Giant range for bang for your buck. There are better quality bikes than this, but add another $1000-2000+ for an equivalently spec'ed bike. Trek go pretty well at Clarence Street Cyclery too.

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