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Melbourne - worth taking your bike

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By Nick R - Posted on 04 January 2010

Just got back from a couple of weeks in Melbourne. I took my bike down because I was driving and had plently of room and thought I would try out a few of the local trails. Riders in Melbourne are pretty lucky with so much legal single track close by in State / Regional Parks. Here are some of the trails I rode:

Lysterfield Park - about 40 minutes South East of the CBD. This consists of around 20kms of extremely well maintained singletrack that was well signposted. There is even a Trailmix bike store located there with bike hire, information, coffee, maps and clinics.

You Yangs - about 50 minutes drive west of the CBD. Awesome area with a network of well maintained, sustainable single track - about 50kms worth! It was like being at a ski resort with green, blue, black diamond and double black diamand trail markers, bermed turns, pump tracks, snaking trails etc

Yarra Trails - about 10 minutes North East of the CBD. Basically firetrail, sealed bike paths and single track that follows the Yarra River. I rode for about 15kms each way but I am told there is way more trail if you have longer. Some of the singletrack was really fun as it was through dense bush so you had absolutely no idea what was around each corner.

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thanks for the posting ... before qld i thought act rocked ... sounds like mel is a strong challenger for 1st place ...

1. mel
2. qld
3. act
4. nsw

[*maybe*] your thoughts?

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We just got back from our annual Xmas MTB road trip this time to SA/VIC and stopped in at Forrest (3rd year) for a couple of days riding. Great place for all riding levels and not too far from MEL (maybe 1hr). Tried to fit a ride in at Beechworth on the way back but couldn't get accomm so kept driving. Forrest is a great destination as you can camp in town, ride from the camp grd to a few different MTB trails and the pub is just across the road - so no need to get in the car unless you want to head down to the Great Ocean Road.
We went to Melrose in SA, bit of a build up on this one but thought it rather average compared to Eagle Park 10min out of Adelaide. Although we did not get to ride as much as we had hoped to due to a total fire ban which closed the park, we all pretty much declared that this place would have to be one of the best Aust MTB places if not the best. It has XC, DH, pump tracks, north shore skills area and great views of Adelaide and the ocean at sunset! Will post some photos up in the next few days of Eagle Park and Forrest.
Vic, SA and QLD council/govt have all really gotten behind MTB to develop some great trails which attracts people from all over Aust. If only NSW council/govt could see the tourism dollar that MTB attracts, maybe then they would pull their fingers out. Even the towns that these MTB trails are in are seeing the benefits that come with supporting MTBing - eg accommodation venues installing bike storage/lockers (noticed this at the Beechworth hotel on Sat - they had a big sign out promoting it), accomm having supplies of trail maps and putting you in touch with local mtbers who can show you around the trails.

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