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By Little-Ditty - Posted on 08 January 2010

Gretings all,

I did a ride out at Ourimbah today and the topic of conversation eventually turned to the Awaba XC trail. A trail that I have never ridden before. And one that looks fantastic and well worth the trip. Laughing out loud

Are there any other riders out there keen for an explore around Awaba? I would guess this will be in a few weeks time as my next week or two is full. What is it, a 10km lap? Maybe fit in 3 or 4 laps?

Cheers. Cool

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Here's the GC from the Rocky Trail race last year:

Going on that the lap is around 6km, although GPS is known to underestimate twisty courses. There's no-where to rest on this lap - concentration all the way. Definitely worth a look

Lenny says there's another 1-2km been built since then dunno if that's open. Anyone got a GPS of that?

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Liam, I live out this way now and would be very keen to join in - been wanting to go and have a look but am coming back from injury, should be good to go in a couple weeks after I've had the OK.

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I would also be keen but my availability is tight too... Would Australia day suit you Liam?


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I will see about Australia day. I shall consult my social calendar and see what my options are. More soon...

Harry, thanks for that. I will do my best to fit in your agenda for this. It will be good to see you again - it has been ages since we rode some trails together.

Rob, the word on the street is that an extra 2km of single trail was to be completed this weekend.

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currently the course is 6.9km or so my bike computer tells me,& according to the HMBA newsletter i recieved very recently another 2km was very close to being finished this weekend.

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Awaba approx 7 km.

Great course, all single track, easier then Ourimbah, but none the less still very enjoyable.

This is a fast course, probably around 22 - 25 mins a lap, so make sure you put in a few laps.


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My bike computer tells me it is a 7.5km lap at the moment. The trail is definetly am easy trail at the moment (mind you lap after lap at speed takes its toll), but once the first loop is complete (supposed to be 9km's but it is looking more like 12km's), then we will start designing and building the technical trail, the big climbs and descents.

We have a build day on tomorrow (starting at 8am if you are keen) that will see around 2km being close (or even better, ready) to be opened. The new sections are seriously the best bits at awaba so far. Deep into rainforest, undulating and twisty. Other bits that just feel like killi used to.

I'll clean up my GPS map of the trail from last weekend and post it on here later today.

For those interested in what is on the way, check out this blog of one of the main trail faries.

Lots of stuff in the blog there about the new sections almost open.

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I already had plans afoot for a social ride at Awaba on Australia day. I sent out a random bunch of invites and a few guys are making the trip from Syd already. I was planning for a BYO BBQ and Beers after a ride. We should join forces!

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Okay, Australia day sounds good. How about 8:30 am? Should I post it up?

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is a long way from the main title area on the map
might be heaps more than we know about ....
Awaba must be huge!

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I rode there for the first time on New Years eve. We had a blast. It's a really fun trail...Love the wall ride and the Pie Line.

Did three laps and my Cateye measured a shade under 19km.

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If you do the pie line, you cut a bit over 1km out per lap. I like the pie line, but it cuts out the best descent on the track (well in my opinion anyway).

I actually think the Pie Line needs a lot more work to make it sustainable. The B-Line is fine, but the main line down the ridge needs a lot more armoring.

It you like the pie line, wait till you see the new chute/block garden. Its an absolutely awesome section of trail, full credit to the guys who walked in the materials to build it.

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Looking forward to trying out the new sections. I did the Pie Line on all three laps, so it looks like I missed out on a good part of the track. Next time...

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Tried out the new sections of Awaba XC course today.

Boys have done a great job - some great new additions - I love the new chute - and also the the tricky steep on the return leg - caught me by surprise how steep this was.

Great track through the rainforest.


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I love the chute, but I think it will be pretty hair-raising in the wet.

That steep pinch is called the murderhorn. Seems to catch everyone out.

For those interested though, the first HMBA club race of the season is on this sunday the 31st.

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