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2010 Giant Trance X1

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By jp - Posted on 10 January 2010

I'm thinking about getting the new Trance X1:
Does anyone else have this bike? If so, are you happy with it? It do about 100km of off-road per week - mostly trail riding through Lane Cove National Park, with the occasional trip to Manly Dam, Ourimbah, Yellowmundee, Andersons, Oaks, GNR etc. Nothing too technical, and only the occasional endurance race like the Highland Fling. Does anyone know the weight of the 2010 Trance X1? I looked at one a few weeks ago and it seemed extremely light. All comments/ advice would be gratefully received!

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This bike should be great! I can't think of a better choice for the money than the X1. Given there is no real technical riding involved, the 5" travel will eat up your proposed trails. Having some 150mm Talas forks would have been extra nice (not standard with this frame), but that's more a quibble than anything else. Good luck. Smiling

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Giant Trance X are great bikes... there are quite a few of us that have the 2008 model. I have the X1 2008 but the 2010 is better specced.
Perfect for the trails you have listed - go for it Eye-wink


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I have a 2008 Trance X2 and ride Lance Cove NP most weeks and it handles it fine. As mentioned the 2010 is better specced and great value for $.
I have riden most of those tracks mentioned and also copes fine, with the maestro suspension you will surprised that its only got 5"of travel as it handles the rough stuff so well and yet I have also done 8hr races on it and it rides like a comfy XC bike (once set up right).
I could not reccommend anything better.

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This guy has a near new giant x2 for sale.

I bought a GT Zaskar Hardtail off him in almost unused condition.

No dramas and he looks after his bike.


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I have a 2009 Trance X1 and I am really enjoying this bike, it is everything I have wanted in a bike and more, I purchased this about 12 weeks ago, My wife is riding the Trance X2 which she is really loving. I purchased these bikes from the guys up at Cycology in the on the Central Coast.
My bike is around 11.5KG in weight.
The Trance X1 was $3300 for the 2009 Model.

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