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New trail - Kiama to Gerringong

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By herzog - Posted on 12 January 2010

Has anyone done this new(ish) trail, hugging the Clifftops between Kiama and Gerringong?

It's only 12 km return, but I understand it's singletrack, and it passes thru some spectacular scenery.

MTB's are apparently allowed, see:

I'm going to be in the area next week and thinking about taking the bike.

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Looking at the map, I'd be a bit concerned about how ridable it might be. "Negotiable route" is not usually compatible with being able to ride an mtb, unless it is flat open stuff, which is unlikely? However, if it is do-able it should be spectacular, and sounds like you could like it with some other walking track / bike path stuff that is mentioned in the brochure.

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Yeah I think I'll take the bike. If it turns out to have too much hike-a-bike it's only 6km each way, so no harm checking it out.

Found a pic of the track - looks very rideable. Looks a lot like some of the pics you see of MTB tracks in Scotland.

You can make out the track in this pic, coming in from the left about half way up the picture.

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and let us all know I used to get down that way a bit b4 I started riding I know there is a pathway from Wollongong to Bombo railway & into Kiama with a little bit of onroad stuff I have heard from my cousin who took his 8 yr old grandson from Shellharbour to Kiama Downs

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