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Why can't we have something like this?!?!?!

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Awesome area for developing skills. Check the poster:

Now, of course nothing like this would be allowed around here. I mean... pffft... you'd have to find a worthless piece of real estate and actually want to make something of it. Meh... as if any authority around here would want the value of their land improving by volunteers! Plus, where'd you find such an area? Part of a tip? Some land not viable for building anything else on - probably on a steep hill or something? </sarcasm>

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Maybe the old Belrose tip?

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I got 2000 sq meters doing nothing in the blue moutains you can play with. 1000 meter flat 1000 steepish.

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AKA. WSN site is a red herring oft used by the opponents of MTB in <insert the area they don't want you riding here - NPWS land, council land, you name it>.

My answer to anyone who brings this up is that, it may be a viable place to build some MTB trails (thus forming part of an overall MTB strategy for the region) when the waste facility is eventually closed if it can be suitably rehabilitated to be safe for said activity.

Sadly there's a lot of unknowns in there, especially the closure date. The local MP (Jonathan O'Dea) often speaks about this in parliament, eg:

This is basically saying that the tip will now be operational until 2013. Given it was supposed to close many years ago you can bet it will be extended many more times yet. So... forget about that and move on.

It's a great vid. though Smiling

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@Christoffa... I'll bet there's some guys up in the mtns that would love to build some stuff legally. What's the go?

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Colonnade sounds like a haemorrhoid cream.

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Basically we have a plot of land in Booth Rd Bullaburra, purchased it some years ago with the intent to build on it, work life and other distractions have (basically I am tooo slack) so it is sitting there doing nothing but costing me rates.

I have ridden the natural roo tracks that lead off the back into the valley, tis fun. The bit we own is 55meters wide X 40 Meters deep.

google terrain gives a better idea of the site

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You can do a lot on a plot like that and I'm sure I know some guys who would love the opportunity to build a pump track and some DJ. How will the neighbours take it if guys started showing up and digging/riding?

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Hey Chris
If you want to get this started I reckon I could help as well
Some land to the north of me (I'm in Wenty) has been taking up a lot of my time
But I'm keen to share the love
And all this wet weather is perfect for building

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Is the land naturally sloped? The odd few jumps and drops that make good use of this terrain might be nice. Smiling

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Ok I will go up there today take some pix and post them, I will use my bike in shot so there is an easy scale for people to identify with.

I there is no one on either side only directly across, as long as consideration was shown, which most MTB riders are there should not be an issue.

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I'm going to buy a huge warehouse space, say the size of a typical Bunnings, truck in heaps of dirt and building materials, commision World Trail and the MTB comunity to build and then charge a small fee for riding a 1/2 day, full day, etc. Sponsers can come and advertise, I'll hold events, skills clinics, it'll be undercover so you can ride there when it's raining, there'll be a bar, it'll be great! Smiling

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@BT... man... I wish you weren't joking. Wouldn't it be awesome!

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Hmmmm.....I wonder how much all that would cost? Sticking out tongue

Have you seen Rays in the States?

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Bullaburra Play gound 1 , 2 , 3 will give you an idea of the site

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My dear wife has pointed out that the insurance risk and litigation that may result in any injury is probably too big and the Blue Mt. city council would be down on us in a heart beat wanting DA's and the like so, I guess new play ground sorry guys.

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Looking at that site reminds me of the wasted area under the M4 around parramatta
how good would it be to build that in a disused area
plenty of room off the M7, M5 and F3
when will this ridiculous and easily solved problem be fixed
i mean come on guys
we arent asking for ayers rock to be moved some where
we just want some land

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